What Inspired Amanda Gorman's Poem on President Biden's Inauguration?

Amanda gorman
Amanda Gorman, 22, is the youngest woman to speak at a presidential inauguration gala.

App Filters Can Affect Mental Health

Woman taking a selfing using app filters
The selfie culture puts too much pressure on young people to try to alter their appearance.

Why is Female Participation in Virtual Meetings Not Valued?

Woman in a videocall
Have you ever heard about manterruption? This is when men interrupt women unnecessarily.

Our Health and The Environment: Indissoluble Formula

Bottle and man entering a machine
The dynamics of the world have caused natural capital to present variations and climate transformations.

Towards a Higher Quota of Women in Executive Positions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
While one woman has led Germany itself for the past 15 years, this has certainly not been the case at the country's top companies.

Inspiring Black Women Who Make Real Changes

Tarana J. Burke
For ethnic communities, the current confinement is not the only challenge they have faced throughout their lives.

The Effective Ways to Combat Gender Violence

Ana María Romero and Milena Montealegre
Hitting, screaming, humiliation, and permanent threats make up the life scenario many Latina women are exposed to.

The Nutcracker, a Tradition That is Also Modernized

Charlotte nebres
Charlotte Nebres, 11, is the first black ballerina to win the coveted role of Marie, the young heroine in the story of "The Nutcracker."

Brilliant Women Make Up the Presidential Cabinet in the United States

Kamala harris
President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris are committed to appointing a diverse cabinet.

The Woman Who Makes Up The Mission to Return to The Moon in 2024

Kathy lueders
Kathy Lueders is the first woman to lead NASA's human spaceflight division.

Are We Aware of The Importance of Data In Our Life?

John Alexander López and code from big data
Globalization demands a new way of "doing" and in this way the need to adapt to an era that demands great challenges.

3 Useful Tips When Choosing a Gift

Two people holding gifts
Finding the right holiday gift proves to be a challenge, especially with a couple of days left before Christmas.

Modernity in the Vatican Causes Strong Controversy

View of the Vatican
The artwork that makes up the Vatican nativity scene is receiving a lot of attention.

Christmas Celebrations That You Did Not Imagine

People looking a store
All over the world, people celebrate Christmas in various ways.

Satellites: Forest watchers from space

The use of these elements allows the analysis of forests and other environments to determine their current state and evolution.

Will Water Reach Unattainable Prices?

Water tap
Water has joined both oil and gold on Wall Street. Now it is officially marketed. You may ask why, and the answer is climate change.

5 documentaries that give you a new perspective on climate change

Still from the documentary 'Our Planet'
These videos will help you understand climate change a little better and the actions you can take as an individual

The Coronavirus Generates High Unemployment For Millennials

People during a meeting
Millennials have been the most impacted generation due to the COVID-19 pandemic's financial crisis.

Tips to Stick to Your Holiday Budget

Happy couple sitting on floor with christmas bags
Christmas season can be a difficult time for your wallet, but it doesn't have to be like that.

How to Get Involved in Closing Gaps

People in a meeting
Women are hugely underrepresented in the STEM fields.
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