This Hollywood actress developed the technology of today's smartphones

Publicity photo of Hedy Lamarr for film Comrade X.
The most glamourous actress in the early days of Hollywood was also one of the most significant technological minds of the 20th century

In Peru more than 2,400 women have disappeared in 2020

People walking through the streets of Lima, Peru
Disappearances and deaths during 2020 and an increase in violence against women during confinement mark the Peruvian reality

Eufrosina Cruz: The Indigenous Activist that Fights for Mexican Women Rights

Euphrosine Cruz Mendoza
The indigenous activist who fights against machismo improved the lives of the women in her village and achieved a reform in her country's Constitution.

The Cyberwomen of America challenge returns

Two women working with a computer.
It's the third edition of an event for women of the fourth industrial revolution

One in 10 nature defenders killed in 2019 was female

Social leaders in Guatemala
2019 was the year with the most deaths of environmental leaders registered by the organization Global Witness. Colombia leads in this statistic

Influential women in cybersecurity were recognized

Leticia Gammill
Female experts from across America were awarded for their contributions to cybersecurity.

Five inspiring women that fight human trafficking

Mabel Lozano, Norma Bastidas and Racha Haffar
Human trafficking is a serious crime. Every year thousands of women, men and children fall into the hands of traffickers who end their lives

Sudan forbade female genital mutilation

Smiling woman sitting at a desk
The elimination of Female Genital Mutilation and other practices, try to claim the rights of women in Sudan Africa.

The Islamic scientist who made the world read

Rana Dajani reading stories to children
A Jordanian molecular scientist has socially empowered communities through reading with her "We Love Reading" foundation.

Tehuana Woman: cultural icon of femininity and empowerment in Mexico

Tehuana women
The colorful state of Oaxaca is the home of Tehuana women, a community known for their confidence, hard work, power, and beauty.

Women, the most affected in crisis by COVID-19

Kristalina Georgieva
An analysis by the International Monetary Fund explains the causes that are economically affecting women in times of pandemic

The first moon landing was possible thanks to a woman

Dilhan Eryurt and Google Doodle.
Google Doodle made a recent tribute, with a colorful illustration, to a woman that made possible the first moon landing

The woman who said NO and saved thousands of lives

Frances Oldham Kelsey
The bold stand of a Canadian doctor in the mid-1900s saved thousands of lives and established a strong position in medicine.

Avoiding illegal wildlife trafficking can prevent pandemics

Pangolin on the head of a woman
A new UN study calls for stopping the illegal trafficking of wildlife in the world to prevent disease and pandemics

New red list of species in "critically endangered of disappearing" status according to UICN

North Atlantic Right Whale
Red List of Threatened Species confirms that the mass extinction is a reality that we live today
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