These are the Youngest Women in Politics in the World

Sanna Marin and Chlöe Swarbrick
The best way to engage young people in politics is by choosing leaders that can represent and inspire them.

Meet an Inspirational Woman, the Google Assistant Director

Lilian Rincón, Google Assistant Director
Lilian Rincón is the Senior Director of Product Management at Google and the mastermind behind Google Assistant.

Iliana Capriles: The Latina Leading the Baton of a Renowned Orchestra

Iliana Capriles
This great Venezuelan woman, for 9 years, has given the orchestra all her energy and ideas without breaking the tradition.

Ángela Maldonado: The Tireless Defender of The Amazon

Angela Maldonado and night monkeys from Amazonas
Ángela Maldonado is a Colombian activist working for the conservation of monkeys on the Amazonian border between Colombia and Peru.

Revolutionary Threads as Artistic Expression

Victoria Villasana and her work
Victoria Villasana is a textile artist from Mexico who likes to mix history and tradition with pop culture and contemporary patterns.

These Women are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Christiana Figueres and Greta Thunberg
The mission of climate activists is crucial: to raise awareness about the impact of pollution in their own countries.

Women in Japan try to change their culture

Two japanese people
In Nagoya, an industrial city on the coast of Japan, Japanese women dress as Mexican Chicanas.

How to Encourage the Participation of Young Women in Politics?

Business woman working with her laptop.
The absence of women political leaders on the world stage is highly visible.

Click, With a Woman's Touch

Paula Gaviria
In the ICT sector, there has been an increase in the participation of women in the various fields it encompasses.

Has Gender Equality Improved for Women in Latin America?

Woman talking in a meeting
The figures for gender inclusion have increased in Latin America, but not at the rate they should.

Why New Version Of Mulan Disappointed

Frames from the films Mulan (1998) and Mulan (2020)
Instead of watching Mulan grow up, the film suggests that only those blessed by the gods have the privilege of living up to the men.

How Does COVID-19 Affect Indigenous Communities in Brazil?

Indigenous people of the Amazon in Brazil
In Brazil, many indigenous communities live in settlements and have limited access to healthcare.

The Activist Who Wants to Reach the Presidency of Colombia

France Marquez
Francia Márquez is a community leader committed to the life and care of the vulnerable territories of Colombia.

Empathy and Communication: Key to Success in the Face of the Pandemic

Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg
The results with better management against COVID-19 show that in countries led by women, management has been much better.

Professional Mermaids and their Viral Accounts

Mermaid Elle Photograpy
As flattering and beautiful as it looks from the outside, actually being a mermaid is a lot of work.

"Locked Up" But With the Soul Loose in Exquisite Stories

Cover of the book 'Encerrados' by Katherine Hernández.
Katherine Hernández participates as the author of the story A Short Encounter of Two Twin Llamas, in an anthology of stories.

Resilient businesswomen: Luz Marina Jaramillo, Pavimentos Colombia

Luz Marina Jaramillo, President of Pavimentos Colombia
Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the crisis

Hong Kong's youngest 15-year-old social entrepreneur

Bailey Cherry
At just 15 years old, Bailey Cherry founded Hong Kong's largest second-use bookstore in 2019.

Gender financial bonds to support women

Woman counting money
This is the female empowerment strategy supported by the financial sector amid the global crisis

The women in online learning space

Woman giving online classes
E-Learning has democratized education and provided tools for women for their personal growth

"See you in Court" environmentalists defend the Artic from Trump

Polar bears
The exploitation of Arctic nature reserves is among Donald Trump's plans
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