The Perfect Recipe for Being a Successful Woman

The Perfect Recipe for Being a Successful Woman

There are some tips from exemplary women on how to “manage people”, providing the secret ingredient to being a successful woman.

The way of directing a large group, whatever it may be, be it on a large, medium or small scale, has been transforming and modifying, as society has also been doing it; to meet the needs of the team and the people who comprise it.

Some modern concepts that are imperative in this new order of direction, success, entrepreneurship, and even recognition, could be flexibility, sustainability, and diversity since it is considered that authority and intimidation have been left aside; these do not respond to the needs of people, nor to respect.

These successful women affirm that the first ingredient is empathy; as it was said before, there is no more such thing as authority; well, the main idea is to inspire, to have the capacity of influence; to show everybody else confidence, compromise, and even, resilience.

The new way of directing people, the new “boss way”, is based on humanity, diversity, and inclusion.

The second ingredient is, as they call it, flexibility against uncertainty. Basically, this one is based on happiness, what comes first, or as a priority, is no longer competitiveness, but, on the contrary, performance, and teamwork; transforming the workspace into an environment of tranquility and contribution, in which each of the people who make up the team is valuable.; leadership takes more varied forms and even has a greater tendency to flexibility depending on the circumstances.

Moving on to the third and last ingredient, it is important to focus on and highlight sustainability, since it is stated that the survival of a company depends on two essential characteristics: empathy and sustainability. In this way, things can be sustainable when the entire team manages to balance certain aspects, which would not be possible without the number one ingredient, of empathizing with others. Without inspiration, commitment, and influence, there is no development, no learning, and no results.

As mentioned above, this new way, this modality of directing, undertaking, and succeeding, is merely based on a humanistic vision. Thus, it is important to mention that the main qualities that managers need are confidence, to delegate and make knowledge and creativity flow, and responsibility to assume the challenges and consequences of the decisions made.

Although managing is about humanity, it is not only based on sustaining profitable, efficient, and people-friendly companies but on turning them “into the best companies for the world”, but that, of course, can be reached, through all the previous ingredients; it is a job from humanity and to success.

Of that these wonderful, successful, intelligent, exemplary, and successful women are sure, due to their experience throughout their entire career, they affirm that the main thing is to make a difference from themselves to those around them. This is the only way to have the perfect recipe for success.

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