Nobel Peace Prize 2015 will be at the Women Economic Forum Colombia 2023

Nobel Peace Prize 2015 will be at the Women Economic Forum Colombia 2023

The Woman Post is an ally of this event for female entrepreneurs in Latin America. Free registrations are now open for the 4th edition of the most important international forum focused on women's economy on the planet at

Ouided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2015 for her crucial contribution to the development of pluralistic democracy in Tunisia, prominent business leader, and advocate for gender equality and women's empowerment, will be a speaker at the Women Economic Forum – WEF LATAM Colombia 2023.

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It is a global initiative that originates from the ALL Ladies League in India and aims to create a network of support and visibility for businesswomen, leaders, and entrepreneurs. It provides an opportunity for women to share their success stories, learn from other inspiring leaders, and establish new connections and business collaborations. The official organizer of WEF LATAM Colombia is the Violeta Women Foundation, part of the Violeta Women business group.

These organizations work towards reducing gender gaps through innovative projects in areas such as education, business, communication, and international events, impacting over 8,000 people in Colombia and Latin America. They were also the organizers of the 3rd edition of WEF Colombia.

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For the fourth edition of the Women Economic Forum – WEF LATAM Colombia 2023, themed "Leaders of Transformation," it will take place for the first time in the Colombian capital on July 27th and 28th at the facilities of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, Salitre headquarters.

"It is a space where experts from different fields will discuss topics relevant to women's economic empowerment, including gender equality in the workplace, access to international markets, entrepreneurship, bridging the digital divide, and building networks and strategic alliances. It will be a forum that brings together innovative and disruptive actions where Global Leaders of Transformation will converge," says Karen Brugés, President of the Women Economic Forum WEF Latam Colombia and CEO of the Violeta Women Foundation.

According to the National Public Policy for Gender Equity for Women in Colombia, cited by UN Women in their article "The Situation of Women in Colombia," female representation in top executive positions does not exceed 20%, while it reaches 40% in management positions, aiming for relative parity in mid-level professional positions and dominating with 60% in support and base positions.

This will be one of the topics addressed during the WEF Latam-Colombia conferences. The event emphasizes sustainability by implementing the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle, as well as measuring carbon footprint, launching the Latin American Sustainable Fashion Week (LASFW), and presenting the WEF Awards.

WEF positions itself as the most important international platform for global business expansion and analysis of current dynamics regarding gender equity and female empowerment. The Women Economic Forum – WEF LATAM Colombia 2023 will be the space for women in the region to connect, learn, and grow together!

The WEF is an exclusive space for women seeking to connect with other inspiring female leaders who aim to share their work experiences and paradigm shifts to promote the improvement of quality of life in their environments.

This is a free event with pre-registration that will welcome more than 1,700 attendees. Organized by the Violeta Women Foundation and the ALL Ladies League, with the support of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce. Secure your spot at this key event for empowered women by registering for free at

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