The Argentine Celeste Saulo assumes the leadership of the World Meteorological Organization

The Argentine Celeste Saulo assumes the leadership of the World Meteorological Organization

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced today the inauguration of Argentina’s Celeste Saulo as its new Secretary-General, the first woman and the first Latin American to hold this position.

Saulo, vice president of the meteorological organization since 2018, took over the role this week after being elected in June, defeating the candidate from China, Zhang Wenjian. Climate change is the greatest global threat of our time, and the increase in inequality exacerbates its effects, stated the Argentine expert in a statement issued by the organization.The new Secretary-General of the WMO announced that during her tenure, she will prioritize the most vulnerable communities to make them more resilient to extreme meteorological, climatic, and hydrological events.The most recent reports from the WMO point to an increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves or floods, while sea levels rise several millimeters each year, and polar ice coverage reaches historic lows.In response to this situation, Saulo stated that she will also seek to consolidate the WMO’s monitoring and research on climate change indicators and effects to support decision-making on mitigation and adaptation, including through a new pioneering initiative for Global Greenhouse Gas Surveillance.Additionally, she plans to strengthen the WMO’s regional presence through an upward approach that enhances national meteorological and hydrological services.

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Most national agencies have the expertise, knowledge, and passion to fulfill their mandate, but many lack the resources to do so, commented Saulo, who has directed the Argentine National Meteorological Service since 2014.The Argentine scientist succeeds the Finn Petteri Saalas, who served two consecutive terms totaling eight years at the helm of the United Nations agency, focusing notably on the fight against climate change. EFE

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