The Tasks of the Colombian Chef Leading Innovation for Subway in Latin America

The Tasks of the Colombian Chef Leading Innovation for Subway in Latin America

Colombian chef Ada Duque has been appointed as the Culinary and Innovation Director for Subway Latin America, tasked with regionalizing the Better Food concept.

Ada Duque, a curious cook who has dedicated her life to exploring world gastronomy, immersing herself in different cultures, and sharing her knowledge through her creations, has been named the Culinary and Innovation Director for Subway Latin America. Her creations always aim to respect local ingredients, generate new flavors, and make them iconic for the brands she has worked for.

"This adventurous spirit has grown stronger over the years, manifested in sensory skills that are reflected in my culinary creations!" she stated, referring to her journey in the fast-food world in the United States.

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Based at Subway's regional office in Miami, she will be responsible for enhancing the multinational company's menu innovation in Latin America and regionalizing the menus, while maintaining a commitment to healthy food. "One of the key pillars of the global brand is to uphold and continue our purpose of providing better and healthier food: 'Better Food.' The development of new products must adhere to this principle, which we will achieve by staying up-to-date with trends, and technology, and nurturing our relationships with those involved in the process."

Ada has over 19 years of experience in innovation and development within the industry, having worked with brands such as Burger King and Church's Texas Chicken, where she contributed to creating unique flavors and new products. Now, Subway's taste will be closer to that of Latin Americans.

"Innovation is one of the pillars of our brand. That's why at Subway, we care about listening to the consumer, understanding their preferences, and with this information, we continuously innovate our menu, creating new options that cater to their cravings. We have already introduced some sandwiches with local flavors in various Latin American markets, and we are confident that with Ada's arrival, our upcoming launches will quickly resonate with our guests," commented Jorge Rodríguez, Subway's regional president for Latin America and the Caribbean.

"We will transform textures and flavors, using technology and global cultural trends. I love the idea of reaching people through my creations and being part of one of life's greatest pleasures—eating!" Duque expressed the challenge of identifying local trends in different markets within the region and being part of the global Innovation team led by Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation for North America.

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The Bogotá native, a graduate of Food Engineering from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, firmly believes that Latin American gastronomy's DNA will enrich the Subway brand.

"Although Subway is an American brand with a unique and irreplaceable DNA that must be maintained, there is room for regionalization. It is in this menu segment where we will see essential elements of our Latin cuisine reflected, giving it a fusion touch. In recent years, new products with local flavors have already been introduced in Mexico with the Sub Boneless Mango Habanero, in Chile with the Sub Carne Mechada, and recently in Colombia with the Sub Criollo de Cerdo."

Therefore, she is convinced that the distinct flavors of Latin America will be part of the new gastronomic trends, a phenomenon already evident worldwide and one that will be further reflected in global restaurant brands.


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