Surprising Travel Destinations That You Have Not Dared To Visit Yet

Surprising Travel Destinations That You Have Not Dared To Visit Yet

This time, let’s talk about traveling, a topic out of what we used to talk about, but just as important as many other topics regarding women.

This may be the year that you not only want to break with gender roles but also, definitely, with conventionalisms, even those that concern travel. Not London, not Rome, not New York; neither the idyllic beach of coconut palms nor the perfect mountain reflected on the waters of a lake. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and enjoy some quiet time with yourself, these offbeat destinations are probably what you need.

As the first destination, Uzbekistan is also called the pure orient. The most striking thing in this barely polished territory is the almost total absence of traces of the Western world.

What is found here is a wealth of surprises: Islamic architecture of exceptional value, ancient cities that are World Heritage Sites, and the mythical Silk Road; All these amazing features dot this arid territory of mountains and cotton fields that is hidden in one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia.

The next destination is Moldavia, with its rural magic, since it is the opposite of contemporary, far from having modern architecture and technological innovation; it is mostly countryside, representing very well the tradition of this territory. Due to this, it has great potential, as well as agricultural lodges, where you can share the daily life of the locals and attend craft and folklore festivals.

Also, there is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is considered almost an unknown territory, In this incredible destination it is possible to see white sand coves, on the Karpas Peninsula; an imposing Byzantine castle, in the bay of Kyrenia; the town of Bellapais, or the Roman ruins of Salamina, in addition, of course, to the mosques.

Now, an enigmatic territory at the crossroads between Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean, is Bulgaria, with an extensive coastline on the Black Sea. What stands out there are its picturesque villages in the heart of the mountains and its fascinating cultural heritage full of archaeological remains and legendary monasteries.

Finally, and just as welcoming and surprising, is Azerbaijan, which stands out for its rich landscapes and culture. In addition, the Caucasus mountains, the beaches on the Caspian Sea, and tasty secular gastronomy are some of the incentives to discover the exoticism of this country.

All of the previous touristic territories sound just amazing. But now, let’s think just for one second about what stops women to go to all those places on their own. Because sometimes there are some prejudices regarding women traveling alone, or even people traveling alone.

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Being alone in an unfamiliar place can be a bit intimidating; however, there are of course some advantages. As a woman, if you travel alone you will learn a little more about independence, as well as discover that being alone is not the same as feeling alone, quite important factors that can profoundly influence you.

If your passion is to travel, the world is too small for you. Open your wings and start to fly.

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