Why Everybody is Adopting Pets?

Why Everybody is Adopting Pets?

The Woman Post invites you to provide hope, well-being, affection, and shelter to the animals that are lost and do not have a home in which to stay.

A study called “He would never do it” by the Affinity Foundation on the abandonment, loss, and adoption of companion animals in Spain in 2021 revealed that 167,656 dogs and 117,898 cats arrived at the 1,500 shelters. The data collected from the report indicate that abandonment has become a phenomenon that affects dogs and cats of all kinds. The findings show that the stated reasons for abandonment are unwanted litter and the end of the hunting season.

The analysis determined that 18.1% of dogs collected by shelters and animal protectors are returned to their families, as are 3.6% of cats. According to, statistics from the IPSOS Research Institute for Affinity Pet Care the percentage of dogs and cats living with their families and are identified is 89% and 51% respectively. The Affinity Foundation considers adoption to be one of the most effective measures to lessen the negative impact of animal abandonment; however, not all animals have the same odds.

On the other hand, the results of the research conclude that entities communicate success in adoption and reach 90%. These figures coincide with other studies found in various parts of the world.

Let’s give affection to the new member of our family

A survey on animals at home conducted by Olatz Hernandez of WAT Open Data revealed that 73.8% of households have dogs, 41.2% have cats, 17.7% have birds, 9% have fish, and 8.5% have turtles, 5.5% have hamsters and 0.5% has squirrels. The data collected in this survey indicates that 42.4% of families have a pet, but apparently, 32.8% have 2 pets, 11.6% have 3 animals and 5.8% have 4 pets. Therefore, their monthly care is usually 61.9% in health or hygiene products, 61.7% in toys, 52.3% in antiparasitics, 34.7% in leashes and necklaces, 32.7% containers to eat, 28.2% beds, and 8.2% in decorative objects.

Survey figures indicate that 38.5% of pets sleep in the same room with their owners, 43% of animals sleep in another room and 18.5% of pets have their space in the garden or outside the house. The habits of rest, feeding, vaccinations, animal aesthetics, and other aspects reflect the responsibility of the home.

Adoption Program of the District Institute of Animal Protection and Welfare of Bogotá

An article called “Adoption of Domestic Animals” published on the official website of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá revealed that a significant number of animals arrive at the Animal Care Unit victims of abuse. Pets are cared for by the Veterinary Emergency team to establish their physical recovery and emotional behavior.

Subsequently, the animals enter the adoption program and all people who wish to participate in the virtual process have an interview with a professional of the Institute to verify all the relevant documentation. On the website are the requirements to opt for the adoption of a canine or a feline and response times are subject to the law.

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In short, all pets have the right to a new opportunity in life; you just have to provide shelter, food, and affection. Life will thank you.

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