What’s Next for Business Technology With the Female Vision?

What’s Next for Business Technology With the Female Vision?

This year 2022 considerably increased the number of women who master enterprise digital technology. That’s why The Woman Post invites you to learn more about these leaders.

In the tenth edition of a study called “Women in Work Index 2022 – Building an inclusive workplace in a net zero world” conducted by PwC, the employment results of women in the 33 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) were revealed. The report showed that progress is slow, but that women develop it steadily and perseveringly because it simply requires progress to achieve the gender equality we need.

Larice Stielow, Senior Economist at PwC UK, believes the COVID-19 pandemic made the purpose of gender equality for women a greater challenge. The leader specifically suggests that roads are opened and the economy rebuilt to improve equality and achieve a fairer future for all.

Emma Cox, Global Climate Leader and Partner at PwC UK, says governments and businesses can offer more support to women and provide green job opportunities that are in tune with the environment. The expert believes that obstacles in the growth sectors should be identified and access to financing for women entrepreneurs should be improved.

CEO: Diverse female talent

Another study called “Women in Business 2022 – The Era of Diverse Talent” by Grant Thornton revealed that it identified the window of opportunity for women to access a greater number of senior positions with responsibility.

Anna Johnson, CEO of Grant Thornton in Sweden, believes that it is essential that companies are more egalitarian because it is a requirement for customers, as well as for employees. The specialist suggests creating a more egalitarian climate so that there is a greater number of women who assume responsibilities.

Larissa Keijzer, Regional Head EMEA and CIS network development at Grant Thornton International, suggests emerging markets are accelerating, while Europe and North America are still looking to change mindsets to bring women into senior management. However, other markets focus on and emphasize women who can be inclusive, sustainable, diverse, and green talents.

Sheree Atcheson, Vice President of Valtech’s Diversity and Inclusion Group and member of the Women Who Code Advisory Board, says we must prioritize flexibility within the approach to achieving a healthier, stronger, and above all happier working relationship.

Aurora Sanz, the Managing Partner of Laboral Grant Thornton in Spain, considers it great news that Spain is among the top 10 countries with the best results in senior management equality. However, he suggests strengthening with more commitment and conviction.

Isabel Perera, Audit Partner at Grant Thorton, revealed that the level of women in senior management positions is an indicator of a country’s progress.

Women CEOs who go a long way in 2022

The Engati Simply Intelligent team recently published an article called “the top 50 Women in Tech” that reveals the 50 female CEOs who are leading by example from leading households to leading multinational companies. Experts believe that together they offer an unforgettable digital experience to the customer, through solutions that prevail a commitment.

Anna Vanessa Haotanto

Co-founder and CEO of The New Savvy and ABZD Capital

Anna Haotanto seeks to build global brands and focuses on increasing the growth and digital performance of the companies that hire her. The expert believes that you should always be excellent and optimize the development of products and services of the business.

Val Yap

Co-founder and CEO of PolicyPal

It is a digital application that strengthens insurance policies for its users and allows converting the credit that was obtained into cash. The specialist provides financial advice so that her clients can buy or request plans according to their needs.

Jennifer Hyman

Co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a company that revolutionized the way women dress and the most important thing is that it has a technological and digitized spirit. The leader emphasizes growth strategies, marketing, technology, production, and sales analysis. His skills led the company to expand into the manufacture of exclusive designer collections.

In short, these great women leaders from all growing sectors strive to present positively any task that women propose. That’s why The Woman Post has strategic content that highlights women challenging business technology in 2022.


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