Silvana Estrada, Inspiring Strength Through Her Poetry and Songs

Silvana Estrada, Inspiring Strength Through Her Poetry and Songs

Thanks to “Te Guardo”, a song Silvana Estrada wrote at 17, she became known in 2018 by independently releasing her EP “Primeras Canciones”.

Poetry tends to get out of its format. Sometimes it is a photograph, painting, or work of art that breaks down or inspires whoever sees it, and although many lyrics could be considered poems, Silvana Estrada‘s proposal kind of fusion of folk and jazz goes much further than that together: with symphonic instruments, atmospheres of sound and lyrics, her heartbreaking music becomes a poem in itself.

Silvana Estrada is a singer-songwriter from Veracruz, Mexico, and has recently just released her first full-length album Marchita, produced with Gustavo Guerrero and today considered one of the best albums of 2022 by The Guardian newspaper.

Marchita tells the story of being heartbroken but also how to live pain experience until finding a path where you feel are already strong. In 2018 this song was released to the international industry.

This album is full of environments produces by symphonic instruments and the strident Mexican voice of Silvana, with the sounds of bombo leguero, escobillas, percussion, and other folklore instruments than also are essential for this singing to move in a game that is created between the winds instruments and the voice

In times when music is becoming more and more synthesizers and electronic music as same as with urban music command the world rankings, these proposals are born, in which the lyrics continue to be protagonists next to the music that merges with the words.

Though this album is considered a product of heartbreak and pain Silvana was also a therapeutic work where she can explore and redefine her concept of sadness, pain, and loneliness. So although it seems that they are heartbreaking songs, it is a path to find the light amid the darkness. An invitation especially for women to find strength in weakness, in feeling everything, even and in the lyrics that break us.

Marchita is an album that tries to heal and find the light in the darkness. Talks about vulnerability and feelings that have always made us weak but in reality, it is a journey through the pain that always leads you to be stronger. She was Inspired by all the poetry she reads and writes, and also her way through the student of jazz.


Silvana Estrada was born surrounded by music, she is the daughter of violin-makers, known as luthiers, and her parents used to sing Latin American folklore, folklore, jazz, and jarocho, and more and more Mexican rhythms that captivated her. this childhood brought her closer to music but also in her words, was the loneliness that made her find herself through the notes.

She discovered improvisation in the voices of Chet Baker and Charlie Parker growing up watching musicians playing her instruments for the first time at the store her parents, the real sounds, the long notes of a musician with his instrument is the inspiration for the music that she wants to make. But also, her Latin American influences are Mercedes Sossa and Violeta Parra

At the end of this year, she is expected to release her new album with her words more happy songs.

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