AgStar 2022: Creates, Undertakes, and Leads Femininity From Agriculture and Livestock

AgStar 2022: Creates, Undertakes, and Leads Femininity From Agriculture and Livestock

Women are close to living a new experience with the ExpoAgrofuturo Fair. The AgStar On 2022 Event builds a connection with businesswomen.

For 40 years, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has been a web portal that has countless resources available online to share knowledge that transforms rural communities. The data collected indicate that they invest not only in rural populations but also in women to empower them and thus increase their food security. The Specialized Financial Institution of the United Nations seeks to work with people in extreme poverty and pays more attention to women, youth, and indigenous peoples who are the most vulnerable.

In the Climate and Environment section are the experts Paxina Chileshe, Climate Change Adaption Specialist, and Janie Rioux, Senior Technical Specialist, Environment and Climate Finance. In the Department of Crops is Marie-Aude Even, Senior Regional Technical Specialist, Agronomy. In addition, in the direction of the Eastern, and Southern Africa region is Shirley Chinien, Regional Economist; Mariatu Kamara, Country Director; Sara Mbago-Bhunu, Director, Eastern, and Southern Africa Division; Luisa Migliaccio, Lead Portfolio Advisor, and Lakshmi Moola, Country Director. Gender offices include Ndaya Beltchika, Lead Technical Specialist, Gender and Social Inclusion; Beatrice Gerli, Gender, Targeting and Social Inclusion Specialist; Petra Jarvinen, Technical Analyst, Gender and Social Inclusion y Silvia Sperandini, Gender, Targeting and Social Inclusion Specialist – Gender Team.

On the other hand, an article called Filling in the blanks: How to address data gaps to develop better livestock insurance for smallholder farmers” by Katie Biese and Mariah Mateo Sarpong and published on the IFAD web portal revealed that there are more than 500 million smallholder farmers worldwide. The findings show that cattle have an important role in rural families. However, they face risks of death, disease, malnutrition, droughts, accidents, theft, and attacks.

CLEA Project – 2022 Edition: Equality and Progress for Rural Women

The Federation of Rural Women’s Associations (FADEMUR) brings together and assists women working in rural areas and is determined to eradicate discrimination and dependency in the workplace. The Federation organizes economic activities and with social support helps with family tasks so that the triple discrimination disappears.

On the other hand, rural women can also report the circumstances of exclusion that arise. In addition, FADEMUR trains women who are within the association to perform in the stability and development of the rural world.

AgStar On 2022 event: an initiative that inspires Colombian startups

The event has business opportunities, investors, knowledge, and great alliances, which that will strengthen the Agro development of Colombia. In addition, the space has categories where Startups can develop, such as Food Tech, Animal Tech, and Ag Tech. Experts believe that the challenge for 2050 is to reach 9.2 billion people in Colombia and other Latin American countries with innovation and technology to respond to the world of producer and consumer requirements.

The initiative encourages women to develop new sectors of work and productivity to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of each area and above all allows them to expand throughout the world.

Angie Vivas, a professional in international business and the connection between Brazil and Colombia at Ag &F Food Tech Global, suggests in a space published in a Facebook video that her company drives innovation daily and is 100% focused on agribusiness. Ag & Food Tech Global seeks to involve all the actors of the ecosystem in a single space, both physical and virtual, and simulate that promotion of opportunities. In addition, it considers that opportunities must be identified to provide different tools with an ideally established work route.

In short, The Woman Post invites women who work hard in rural areas to participate in the event, to create knowledge feedback and strengthen some business opportunities that may arise.

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