2022: Young Women and Engineers Leading the Formula 1 Tracks

2022: Young Women and Engineers Leading the Formula 1 Tracks

Women are gradually positioning themselves from the tracks and senior positions in Formula 1, although a radical change could be achieved in the coming years.

Recently an article called “Alpine creates a program to enhance female participation in Formula 1″ edited by Elia Civera and published by the official website SoyMotor revealed that the purpose of the space is to increase the number of women in the different areas of competition. The program will address several sectors to establish the qualities of a pilot and thus empower women who wish to participate.

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine suggests that it be a long-term program, to identify and attract female talent of early ages. It also considers the need to increase the number of women to attack gender stereotypes and foster diversity. The leader thinks that an inclusive ecosystem should be built and emphasizes diversity as an opportunity for women.

Nico Rosberg, a former pilot for Eurosport, believes that the Alpine project will encourage the participation of girls. In addition, she expresses that it is an initiative with great opportunities for women.

On the other hand, Alpine seeks to grow the number of employees by slightly more than double, going from 12% to 30% in the next 5 years. Alpine with this strategy seeks to succeed in different categories and achieve diversity in Formula 1.

Hannah Schmitz

Head of Strategy at Red Bull F1

Hannah Schmitz is a woman in the darkness of Red Bull’s constant work. However, in the shadows is the head that analyzes the team’s strategies. Its experience has added achievements for 13 years and now thanks to it it is a successful and winning team. The team always looks forward to her decision, although she as a strategist remains calm and directs her message to many clear and authoritarian people.

Monisha Kaltenborn

Executive Director of Racing Unleashed and former CEO of Sauber’s Formula One team

She is a lawyer who with a lot of effort managed to get the direction of the Sauber Formula 1 team and became the first woman to hold a high position in the sport. In addition, he had such a sense of belonging to his work that he acquired shares in Sauber’s Formula 1, although years later he created a Formula 4 team to compete against Italian and German Formula 4.

On the other hand, the leader is an important member of Racing Unleashed, a racing simulation company that organizes sports competitions. The British Formula 4 Championship’s Racing Star initiative not only creates competitions but also trains female drivers which is the purpose of the program. In addition, the company has a podcast and is about to upload episodes of 2022 on the platform.

Ruth Buscombe

Head of Strategy at Alfa Romeo F1

She is the most experienced woman in motorsport because she first worked at Ferrari and then in Sauber Formula One. Currently, she is the Head of Strategy at Alfa Romeo. The leader inspires her great work in her mentors Paddy Lowe, James Allison, and Emily Todd, engineer, and pilot.

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