Worldwide Women Experts in Tea Preparation

Worldwide Women Experts in Tea Preparation

Meet at The Woman Post women experts in the art of brewing tea

A study called “Tea Consumption and the Risk of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Mortality: The China–PAR Project”  revealed that tea consumption reduces risks of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and mortality. Especially among regular tea drinkers. The research was published in The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Another recent study called “Green Tea,” conducted by María Tránsito López Luengo, revealed that it is a social and medicinal drink and the health effects are formidable. Data collected from the small analysis show that two-thirds of the world’s population currently consume it. In addition, it has medicinal properties and produces an antibacterial activity or a process of oxidation and polymerization in the body.

Finally, a recent latest study called “83 Degree Tea Study, Camellia Sinensis” revealed that it is the most studied plant on the planet. Plant analyses show dosage, water temperature, and infusion time to reach the perfect balance. The findings suggest that the Camellia Sinensis plant provides spiritual and bodily power. In addition, they seek to continue the feminine approach of almost 11 years ago, that is, tea and desserts of exceptional harvests.

Blanche Muriel Bristol

The leader was an expert in botany with a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham as an algae specialist. Muriel believed that if cold milk was added to hot tea, the milk proteins coagulated and unpleasantly modified the taste.

A book called “A Closer Look at the Lady Tasting Tea” by John T. E. Richardson revealed an interesting experiment conducted by Ronald Fisher. Ronald provided 8 cups ordered randomly: “4 prepared by first pouring the tea, then adding milk, 4 prepared by first pouring the milk, then adding the tea.” In the text, Fisher shows the data that described that the lady managed to identify the 8 cups of tea correctly.

Olivia Medina

An article titled “Pairing With Tea: Learn This Art With the Expert Olivia Medina” published by Food and Travel reveals that the cup of tea means peace, health, and flavor. Olivia Medina, Director General of Euro Tea, considers it a healthy and versatile drink.

The leader recommends pure teas without flavorings because they have a wide range of aromas, flavors, and colors. In addition, she suggests trying green teas and cocktails with tea as they are a diverse world, with brands, tastes, and smells.


The Feminine Touch That Makes Tea Sustainable

A recent article called “Women’s Hands Picking Tea” published in Mistelánea reveals that it is very difficult to find men in large tea plantations. Usually, the only people working are women who spend hours collecting tender green leaves. Experience leads women to be professionals in finding the difference between which ones should be picked up and which ones should wait.

Many of them work long hours in exchange for some food for their families. This work that women directed is not only the engine of the tea industry but also the engine of the economy that moves families. Undoubtedly, tea is a drink that woman has fortified in the world.

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