3 Women Leading Colombia’s Universities

3 Women Leading Colombia’s Universities

Meet in The Woman Post, who are the women who lead the universities of Colombia.

A recent study called “QS World University Ranking 2022,” published by the QS aTop Universities portal and conducted by Dmitro F, reveals the best universities in the world. Therefore, The Woman Post locates Colombia’s best universities and extracts those that women lead.

The web portal Sapiencia publishes an infographic of Female Leadership in Higher Education Institutions in Colombia and indicates the participation of women in the academic field. In addition, it shows the women’s rectors by department, which yields an interesting result of 47% in Bogotá, 13% in Antioquia, 62% in Nariño, and 6% in Valle del Cauca, and 6% in Atlántico. The UNESCO – IESALC 2020 study data show that 19% are University rectors, 38% are professors, 38% are researchers, and 53% are enrolled.

Rector Dolly Montoya Castaño (National University of Colombia, in Bogotá)

The leader is the first woman to lead the National University of Colombia and is a candidate for the Rectory for 2021 – 2024. The Higher University Council of the National University of Colombia reassigned her to her position for the next period. The Doctor in Natural Sciences has an extraordinary experience in Higher Education and has a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Her professionalism makes her recognize that the professors in the university have a high degree of vulnerability in educational work. That is why she excels in her career in persuading governments of research, development, and innovation.

On the other hand, the National University of Colombia has position number 258 and a score of 37.6, according to the study called “World Rankings of universities QS 2022,” published by the QS Top Universities portal and carried out by Dmitro F.

Rector Raquel Bernal Salazar (University of Los Andes, in Bogotá)

The leader assumes the position of rector and faces significant challenges in the future of Colombia. The rector seeks to innovate in the commitment to life learning to support the growth of women. In addition, he believes that education must change substantially in the coming years and is a great opportunity.

On the other hand, the University of Los Andes has position number 236 and a score of 39.6, according to the study called “World Ranking of universities QS 2022” published by the QS Top Universities portal and carried out by Dmitro F.


Rector Martha Sofía González Insuasty (University of Nariño (UDENAR), in Colombia)

The leader suggests that we are all critical, and there must be fairness in duties and equity in rights. In addition, it considers that inclusion, equality, and equity must occur more than gender violence.

She generated projects at the university, such as optimizing information systems, management, financial, and academic administration. In addition, a university information system will be put in place to improve administrative processes.

In short, all these great women professionally develop female leadership. They aspire for girls to follow in their footsteps and thus, be able to obtain a transformation of the world and a revealing thought.

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