Shell and GeoPark Run by Women Leading Them Toward Sustainability

Shell and GeoPark Run by Women Leading Them Toward Sustainability

Shell and GeoPark, both companies from the oil and gas sector, are making a bet on sustainability and a transition toward clean energy through their leadership.

In an industry that has been known for being male-dominated and for its large weight on the national income of Colombia, Marcela Vaca (General Director of GeoPark) and Ana María Duque (Shell’s President for Colombia and Venezuela) are leading the operations of two the large enterprises in the country.

Shell, born in Great Britain, and GeoPark, from Chile, have been governed in the last years by two women who have believed in transforming their operations towards more sustainable practices. But what does a transition towards clean energy mean? In December 2015, during COP21 (Paris), an International Agreement was signed to maintain global warming below 2 degrees in terms of preindustrial levels and, if possible, 1.5 degrees. This compromise was ratified by COP26 (Glasgow), adding the goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050. To achieve these objectives, a transition towards clean energy becomes mandatory. This means merging from an energy system based on fossil fuels to a low-emissions energy system based on renewable sources.

With a market capitalization of US 167,980 dollars, Shell’s operations in Colombia have been directed by the lawyer Ana María Duque, who has worked in this position since December 2017. Since her debut in 2017, she has been in charge of Central America and the Caribbean, impulsing the offshore exploration of gas and new alternatives to move towards clean energy.

Duque mentioned their interest in performing more gas exploration and advancing toward a clean energy transition in a recent interview. She also mentioned how their portfolio is dynamic, and they try to give the best to their consumers. Ana María also said Shell could eventually be interested in the hydrogen sector in Colombia.

On the other hand, Marcela Vaca, GeoPark’s General Director, has worked hard to strengthen the company’s operation, arriving at 8% of the oil production in the regions Llanos Orientales and Casanare. In a recent interview, Marcela revealed that GeoPark has a plan to build a new solar power plant. She also mentioned that this power plant could start working in July or August, generating 10 Megawatts for GeoPark’s operations.


Although Marcela Vaca did not give many details regarding GeoPark’s future investment plans, she did mention that one of the company’s objectives is to impulse the energetic transition from the production of hydrocarbons.

Vaca and Duque stand as role models for those women who aim to build a successful careers in the oil and gas sector and as strong leaders who are impulsing a transition towards clean energy that will have a positive impact not only on climate but on society and the economy. However, it is still important to note that a transition towards clean energy should be inclusive, generating work opportunities for all of those who have built their careers in the oil and gas sector.

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