Promising Future for Women at Work

Promising Future for Women at Work

Several studies agree that women have turned the workforce around in recent years, despite all the gaps and the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Various reports suggest that women seek to implement other perspectives in the workplace to achieve a more generalized view of their great commitment. These last years have been of permanent transformations in which new decisions are made within the workplace. Thanks to this, several studies show data and reveal the change in companies.

Women in the Workplace 2021, Published by McKinsey & Company

A recent study titled “Women in the Workplace 2021” published by McKinsey & Company reveals that women’s role in companies highlights a sense of leadership and focuses on equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The data collected shows the collaboration of 423 companies that employ 12 million people, including women with diverse identities, women of color, LGBTI+ women, and women with disabilities.

The COVID-19 health crisis meant severe exhaustion for the group of women in the workforce, where a low level in the top management that had been managed stands out. However, women leaders have taken on the task of identifying, recognizing, driving, and rewarding progress among themselves. These actions are seen a lot in initiatives, programs, and networks where everyone feels valued for their improvement.

Women in the Workplace 2021, Published by Lean In

A recent study called “In a Year of Incredible Change, Women Are Setting a New Standard for Leadership” published by Lean In reveals that women are burned more than men. In addition, there is a disconnect in the commitment between women and businesses to improve equity, equality, and inclusion. The findings of this report focus on the impact that the COVID-19 health crisis is having on women’s experience in the workforce.

It has been challenging for women to build places and spaces for inclusive work during the pandemic process. That is why the female gender requires a tremendous social transformation to form women leaders and active women who demonstrate the ability to guide us toward a better world.

Women at Work 2022: A Global Perspective, Published by Deloitte

A recent study titled “Women at Work 2022: A Global Outlook” published by Deloitte reveals that women have a worrying long-term impact from widespread burnout. However, some organizations have high levels of motivation, productivity, and performance, thanks to the female sector. These actions have generated new opportunities and challenges that will bring radical changes to the workforce.

The analysis showed a series of surveys of 5,000 women in 10 different countries that revealed the alarming weakness of women. However, their professionalism is based on looking for new opportunities for new flexible jobs to spend the remaining time with their family and friends.


Women in Work 2021, Published by Strategy& – PwC

A recent study called “Women in Work 2021: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Work” published by Strategy& – PwC revealed women’s job market opportunities. The data collected show that 43% of women work full-time and 61% of men part-time. The findings show that, unfortunately, the labor insertion of women increased by only 17% points.

In short, a whole series of studies agree that women have a promising future in terms of the labor market and female entrepreneurship. However, they require a little more support from the sectors that influence the insertion of women.

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