Send Digital Hugs To Get Closer to Those You Are Interested In!

Send Digital Hugs To Get Closer to Those You Are Interested In!

Certain approaches question us about social distancing because of the increased use of digital platforms and applications. How true is it and how to counter it?

Andy Stalman, known for his valuable content and statements as an expert in brands and digital marketing, shared in his blog his insights about whether technology and its various options for the human being of the 21st century bring us closer or separate us, in his article “ I propose eight six-second hugs per day.” He affirms that in this way oxytocin is released, which impacts our brain to affirm creating bonds of trust and generosity with those around us in all areas: work, family, and social.

The Internet amplifies the opportunities we must interact with, and this is how we must be in a position to learn more and more about how to put them at our service and for our benefit. Sometimes we try to minimize their role in our lives and even distance ourselves from the use of applications and networks, with the premise that it distances us from the possibilities of relating. It is time to rethink our habits regarding the use of devices and screens so that we link it to our lives as something positive and not as something enslaving that somehow replaces our humanity and culture. As Andy Stalman says, moving from a smartphone-centric society to the human-centric one.

Networks have allowed us to establish interesting interactions, such as sharing stories through Instagram and Tik Tok, speeding up our contacts with WhatsApp, expanding the opportunity to travel using Airbnb, and traveling paths and adventures thanks to Google, Waze, and others that we use according to our interests and needs. It is estimated that a person receives about 5,000 brand impacts a day, and at the end of the day, they have only retained 0.4 percent.

Studies affirm that women use networks like Instagram and Facebook to a greater extent, giving a greater number of likes than men. They prefer networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Hoot suit and We are Social suggest that women prefer social networks that are more visual and focused on entertainment, while men prefer more business-oriented ones.

A great challenge is to become aware that we can get into the habit of sending real and close digital emotions, that is, be expressive, preserve our personality, be in contact with our natural network and thus send them hugs, at least eight a day of six seconds each.

1. Stop checking your phone so often for new messages.

2. Silence the notifications of certain applications that are not a priority for your daily life.

3. When sleeping, put your phone on silent or remove data from it to avoid sounds that don’t let you sleep well.

4. Turn off the screens on tablets and computers when you are not using them, both day and night.

5. Avoid downloading on your phone how many applications they offer you and occur to you, this minimizes your productive time for your work and yourself.

6. Set aside time to answer your messages, answer chats and send your hugs!

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