Famous Mothers With Children in Show Business

Famous Mothers With Children in Show Business

Talent runs in the family when it comes to Hollywood, but some children try to hide their roots to make their name in the business. Here we examine some motherly connections that are not deeply known.

Nepotism within the music and film business is not new, as kids usually grow up trying to follow in their parents’ steps. Some try not to publicize their roots, as people tend to believe that their success is due to their family and not their talent. Furthermore, some people only recognize the fathers, as their surnames give away the magic. Because of that, as we start mother’s month, it is appropriate to highlight all the wonderful mothers who not only gave us iconic roles but also kids that prove day after day that talent runs in their blood.

Uma Thurman is probably one of the most renowned names in the film industry. Her name is a trademark itself; she is a Hollywood icon who inspired many actresses. Her work includes iconic movies like “Kill Bill,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Batman and Robin.” She has received numerous nominations for awards such as the Golden Globes and the Oscars. But she also raised a star on the rising: Maya Hawke. Mostly known for her role as Robin in “Stranger Things” Season 3, she rapidly became one of the fan-favorite characters in the show. She has also starred in Gia Coppola’s sophomore movie “Mainstream” and appeared in the latest Tarantino movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Leslie Mann is another big name in the industry, especially when it comes to comedy movies. Thanks to movies like “This Is 40,” “17 Again,” “George of the Jungle,” and “How To Be Single,” she is a recognized face within the genre. In contrast, her daughter, Maude Apatow, has focused on more dramatic roles, with “Euphoria” standing out. Her character is Lexi, the protagonist’s best friend. After getting the viewers’ attention last season, her impact during the second season was bigger than ever, forming one of the most popular show couples and creating the theater act that defined the last episodes of the season. Her sister, Iris Apatow, has also appeared in movies like “This Is 40,” directed by her father. But she is also recognized as one of Olivia Rodrigo’s closest friends and is soon to release a Netflix movie called “The Bubble.”


But one of the most interesting cases comes from a trifecta: Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, and Billie Lourd. All of them have successful careers and carry a name of their own but were known for their closeness before the passing of their grandmother and mother in 2016. They died with only a day of difference, and many people attribute Reynolds’ stroke to the emotional shock of her daughter’s passing. The world lost the magnificent talents that gave us iconic characters like Leia Organa from “Star Wars (Fisher),” Kathy from “Singin’ in the Rain,” and the grandmother of “Halloweentown” (Reynolds).

It is impossible to deny that not all nepo babies are as talented as their parents. Some use their connections to make their name without proving real work into becoming good in their fields. But it is time to highlight the talented ones that are continuing their family’s legacy. Furthermore, acknowledge the incredible women that are not only working to give us good entertainment but are also raising the future of show business

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