Best US Cities for Latinas To Live

Best US Cities for Latinas To Live

Are you interested in moving to the United States? Well, maybe you should evaluate some relevant cities. We will tell you which are the most important ones.

The Latino population in the United States is quite large. According to official figures, by 2020, the number of people in the country was more than 59 million. Among them, 62% came from Mexico. In this regard, it is worth noting that women play a very prominent role in the country.

According to Forbes research, 61% of Latina women are part of the “active” workforce in the country. This is a significant difference, as U.S. women are only 69% active. Therefore, by 2028, Latinas could be 10% of the current workforce. So, have you ever wondered which cities to immigrate to in the United States? Here are some of the best options for you.


Miami is the favorite city to live in for Latinas in the world, according to an Infobae survey. With 24.61%, the city of the State of Florida appears as one of the most outstanding options for women. Now, what are the reasons? First of all, the beaches are perfect for having a break after work.

The subtropical climate is also a positive influence, but that’s not all. There is also relevant urban centers and a great cultural and entertainment offer. In turn, Miami appears as a good source of jobs for women starting in the working world or who already have professional studies.

San Antonio

It could be said that San Antonio is a small “Latin America” within the United States. It is the first large city in the country where most of its inhabitants are of Latin American origin. The local community even mentions that nowhere in the Constitution is English mentioned as an official language.

This means that San Antonio speaks a lot of Spanish, which favors the insertion of those women who do not speak the language very well. At the same time, with 65% of Hispanics, this city generates more and more job offers for women who want a significant change in life.


The Texas city of Houston also has strong Latino participation. There are just under 1 million Hispanics here, enough to generate solid cultural roots for those who move here. But what about women? Well, there are also many opportunities.

Mainly for all those women who have a profession historically associated with men. In Houston, there is an intention to achieve gender parity, so companies take women from different industries, such as petrochemicals, as their workforce.



Orlando is another of the cities with the largest Latino community in the United States, especially women. They have some social networks to generate a community, and no one feels alone. Therefore, it is very common to make new friends immediately.

One of the strengths is theme park tourism, such as Disney. There is usually a strong demand for female employment, especially in the hotel industry. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for women who want to work in this area.

New York

Finally, another city that many Latinas would love to visit. Latinos make up two-thirds of New York’s population. Moreover, this segment has grown by more than 15% during the last few years. For this reason, more and more people from our region are deciding to move to this emblematic city.

At this point, it is worth noting the ease of access to some housing. For example, the Latino community historically populated the city and prevented the decline of some neighborhoods, such as Corona (Queens), which have a strong Latino presence. In addition, jobs are guaranteed, especially in the restaurant industry.

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