Angeline Moncayo: Her Journey With ASIA Syndrome

Angeline Moncayo: Her Journey With ASIA Syndrome

Colombian actress and model Angeline Moncayo, who Telemundo awarded the supporting actress prize, decided to remove her breast implants after suffering from the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA).

During one of her darkest days, Angeline Moncayo thought her family would find her dead anytime. Something was going on with her immune system, and despite being evaluated by different specialists, she had no answers. Some of her most recurrent syndromes were chronic fatigue, allergies, and memory loss, but she felt very weak overall. Without knowing it, Angeline was suffering from ASIA Syndrome, which encompasses various autoimmune conditions/phenomena induced following exposure to substances with adjuvant activity.

In a recent TED Talk, Angeline Moncayo mentioned how she faced constant pressure to increase the size of her breasts from a very young age. When she performed several castings for her career as an actress and model, the judges constantly told her she was a good candidate but needed bigger breasts. Consequently, Moncayo started to believe that growing the size of her breasts would give her extra value as a woman and take her to accomplish her dreams as an actress. She finally underwent breast implant surgery, and when she woke up from the medical procedure, Angeline remembers having a feeling of completeness and happiness. Moncayo believed that her physical appearance had to be perfect to become a successful actress. After the surgery, she finally felt free without having to tolerate comments about her looks and her breasts.

Not long after her breast augmentation surgery, Angeline started to notice various changes in her body. For instance, she began to feel tired and often suffered from colds. Moncayo started to feel vertigo and developed allergies. She was only 25 years old when diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. The allergies then worsened, and she suffered from intense back pain. Her body temperature started to variate, and Moncayo was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Some years later, her career was boosted, and she also met her current husband, who is from Spain. Shortly after, Moncayo and her husband Sergio Faggianiii decided to have a baby, and Angeline describes her pregnancy as very standard in terms of symptomatology.


Soon after their baby Ariadna was born, Moncayo developed an intense hip pain that lasted 20 months, and the episodes of memory loss began as well. She also started to suffer from migraine, and her energy levels were reduced. The many doctors the actress visited found no irregularities in her exams. They told her she was healthy. One day she decided to share all of her feelings and symptoms on social media, and at this moment, she started to get numerous messages from women asking her to find out more about ASIA Syndrome. When she streamed the first video testimonial, tears came from her eyes because Angeline felt thankful because she did not doubt that she was suffering from it.

Today, after successfully removing her breast implants, she decided to join the ASIA Recovery project, which seeks to improve the lives of millions of women fighting the illness and who need support. The initiative includes conferences and works with immuno- nutrition and psychological assistance.

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