Why Are Women Leaders Expected To Be Sympathetic?

Why Are Women Leaders Expected To Be Sympathetic?

Sympathy became a dilemma related to the structure of the female brain and the ability to adapt to new times.

A recent study by Grant Thornton reveals the main traits that women leaders should have in 2022. The data collected indicate that the critical skill is adaptability at 44%, innovation at 43%, collaboration at 29%, resilience at 27%, and courage at 25%. The findings showed other characteristics such as empathy (22%,) drive of purpose (21%), directive (19%), and connection with communities (19%). The study shows that women must incorporate all these attitudes into their daily lives to achieve a transformation in the world.

These skills go hand in hand with diversity, inclusion, equality, equity, and a new way to achieve a leadership style. The report reached women in 29 countries to ensure success during the COVID-19 health crisis.

When You Think of Leadership, Do You Picture Women?

According to the web portal Women for Women Ecuador, women dedicate overtime to work to show that they are leaders and competent, even working twice for a recognition similar to that of men. The publication reveals a double bias, qualified women leaders, and helpful women. However, these characteristics do not go hand in hand. This creates a series of invisible barriers and obstacles for the female gender.

That is why The Woman Post promotes and encourages women to be visible leaders and actively advocate for their growth. These actions get other women to take the same step and do the same. Sheryl Sandberg, a research scientist, published a book called “Lean In Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” which reveals that success and sympathy do not walk together in the female gender. The book indicates the female voice of why women’s advancement is somehow stagnant. The expert provides various solutions for the female gender to reach its full potential. In addition, she is one of the most respected leaders in the United States for her work and extensive professional experience.


Can Women Lead From Empathy?

Another recent study published by Michael Page reveals that empathy has been raised as a skill in women leaders who lead organizations. The data collected indicates that positive and empathetic leadership inspires other women, shows commitment, and increases their performance.

The findings showed that women focus on collaborating and seeking different perspectives. Therefore, other women feel understood and connect digitally with other women of the same level. The transformation of the world is in not confusing empathy with sympathy and in listening to generate transparency and trust. Leaders are genuinely empathetic and show strength in difficult times.

In conclusion, a leader can identify and measure the empathy and sympathy of the women who work in the company. The important thing is that they address a series of problems that they can face with skills and solve differently, showing emotional intelligence and fundamental values.

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