Amal Hosni: “Technology Can Change the Lives of Millions of Women”

Amal Hosni: “Technology Can Change the Lives of Millions of Women”

Amal Hosni married technology many years ago when she was a child when she, in front of a computer, understood that it was on that machine that she had her academic and professional destiny.

Her specialty is programming, where she moves like a fish in water. After working with Colombian and foreign companies, she knew it was time to lead her own project one day: “I dreamed of creating employment opportunities for my countrymen and countrywomen from the department of Pasto, Colombia, where I was born. Many native people of this region did not want to move to the country’s capital, Bogotá, but they did so because they needed to find a job.”

Together with two partners, in 2017, she resigned from being an employee and founded her own company, which, to date, has 24 collaborators. What do they offer? Software services, outsourcing, and consulting in agile methodologies, among others. Business management has been so successful that it broke the Colombian borders and today operates in the United States. For this reason, Amal Hosni temporarily moved to Boston as she recognized the need to learn English.

The Mariana de Pasto University integrated Amal as a systems engineering student, and she soon learned of her extraordinary abilities. The Francisco José de Caldas District University in Bogotá received her to specialize in software engineering. Then, she went to the School of Business Administration to study technology management. The next step for this wonderful Colombian woman was to join entrepreneurial projects with the support of teachers, such as Mario Briceño. He helped her make her idea of ​​creating a company tangibly. Today she is the manager of PlanupSoft SAS.

Recognized for Her Work

Globant, a digitally native company focused on reinventing business through innovative technological solutions, opened a call for women who stand out in technology worldwide. But Amal did not feel that she had what it took to participate in an award even though she is the head of her own company: “I don’t know how it happened but, with the help of friends and my own management, I got a lot of votes. I couldn’t believe that I was at the level of woman who seemed very powerful to me. I was excited when they told me that I was a finalist and I had to prepare a final video before the award ceremony even though I was affected by the Omicron variety of COVID-19.”

On December 9, her birthday, Amal Hosni Viteri toasted champagne next to her family as she was chosen as the best in the Tech Entrepreneur category. Today she is moved to tears remembering that particular moment in her life.

Empowering Women

Although she is very young, she has done a lot for her country. She works for gender equity, contributing to sustainable development in Colombia from her professional setting. Amal explains: “I have tried to integrate myself into sustainable development communities from technology because I believe that women should increase their participation in this field where there are many more men.”

In alliance with university media, Hosni has toured many urban and rural areas giving programming courses for men and women from various communities. This way, trying to arouse interest in the subject, “I explain to women that learning about technology is beneficial for them and their children. We have the material they can understand.”


Amal has designed basic and specialized courses and created a board game to assimilate the topics more naturally. Through her entrepreneurship, she has donated scholarships and computers. She has also certified many women in technology, which, for her, is “an ally in finding knowledge and providing well-being.” Then she adds, “that is why the women on my team and I tell our stories to inspire others to follow in our footsteps and write their own stories being the protagonists.”

These human beings with diverse realities arouse the permanent interest of this woman to whom The Woman Post today dedicates a privileged space simply because she deserves it. As she points out, “We address issues such as inclusion for disabled people, and we reach out to colleges and universities to bring technology to those spaces where they move daily.”

Who Is Amal Hosni?

Amal Hosni, a sensitive Colombian woman who weaves mandalas and walks along cobblestone paths, sits in front of her computer screen every day because that is where she learns the most: “I am a dreamer, and I want to leave a mark. I am emotional. I like to know people’s stories and create spaces that less favored people can take advantage of. I never stay still. I demand a lot of myself.”

Hosni learns English so that her message reaches more women in the world. She is 34 years old and is the daughter of a Muslim Arab and a Catholic Colombian. She is the youngest of three sisters and one brother. She believes in God and admires Walt Disney, and her message to those women who are afraid of technology is that “we must integrate dreams, compile experience and constantly try new ideas.”

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