Top 3 Health Specialists a Woman Should See

Top 3 Health Specialists a Woman Should See

Women should have medical check-ups from adolescence. That is why The Woman Post invites you to know the options of specialists that you should regularly visit for an annual check-up of your health.

A recent Aegon’s Health and Lifestyle Study with the General Council of Psychology showed the perception of the state of health, lifestyle, conditions, habits, and behaviors linked to people’s emotional and social well-being.

The report’s data is between 2018 and 2021, talking about the importance of healthy eating, physical appearance, self-medication, the use of technologies, and the implementation of various medical services.

The specialists who developed the analysis consider people’s degree of happiness and well-being throughout their life, including their day-to-day hobbies and family time. These actions not only seek the evolution of family relationships but also have a minor influence on emotional health and cause some stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness that derive from the mood of women.

The figures in the surveys reflect that 8 out of 10 people attend the family doctor, which generated 82.9%. In addition, 63.5% consider that the dentist is one of the specialists who should be visited annually. Even 64.1% to the specialist doctor, 39.9% to emergencies, and 12.4% operated on.

On the other hand, age is an essential point in women because the youngest goes first to the pediatrician instead of visiting a gynecologist. They are responsible for referring women to the specialist they require. In addition, they are the ones who attend to most emergencies.


Specialists a Woman Should Visit During the Year

The Woman Post invites you to meet the three experts women should visit during the year to perform health checks. These specialists are suggested by the IV Health and Lifestyle Study of Aegon and the General Council of Psychology.

1. Gynecologist-Obstetrician: This specialist doctor is responsible for making recommendations for women’s examinations, such as cytology, mammography, bone densitometry, glucose, abdominal ultrasound, and colonoscopy. However, the most important is cytology allows identifying the diseases in the uterus. Even the mammogram allows for diagnosing some irregularities or lumps in the breasts.

2. Ophthalmologist: Usually, this expert suggests eye tests to prevent diseases in women’s eyes. Thorough examinations will depend on what you require and evaluation by the ophthalmologist.

3. Dentist: Dental exams are essentially checking the teeth and gums to detect abnormalities. Dentists usually evaluate the patient and detect susceptibilities to cavities. The dentist usually makes recommendations and suggests tests or x-rays see the root of the problem. In addition, some dentists train girls to treat dental issues.

Finally, women and girls must be attentive to the diseases that arise over time and go to the required specialist doctor. Remember that our health generates the well-being and happiness that is so sought. That is why it is recommended to attend these specialists.


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