Bridgerton: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Bridgerton: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

After a record-breaking first season, viewers were expecting if the new storyline would live up to expectations. Now it shows that the Bridgerton brothers can offer a variety of stories that will make people fall in love with their relationships.

When the news that Regé-Jean Page, who interpreted Simon The Duke of Hastings, would not be returning for the second season, people started to wonder if it would mean the decline of the TV show. People grew to love his relationship with Daphne, a classic example of fake dating, to falling in love with your best friends and being eager to see more of their married life. Even though his missing was noticeable every time Daphne appeared on screen, creators were able to give the viewers a whole new storyline to fall in love with, some even considering it better than its predecessor. Because of that, it was able to beat the viewership of the first season and now became the most-watched English-language show in a single week. It could not beat “Squid Game,” the Korean drama that still dominates Netflix.

Like the “Bridgerton” books, the TV show will follow a single sibling navigating its way to love during the regency era. It does not mean we cannot see updates on the other storylines we grew to love, but the protagonists will shift as time moves on. For next season we might expect some people missing, just like we saw with the Duke, but we can expect more of this fan-favorite couple, as both actors that played Anthony and Kate confirmed they would be returning.

Their love story, the main focus of the second season, follows a trope that is widely bound to a literature classic: Enemies-to-lovers. Elizabeth and Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice” did it first, but now we have seen countless stories showing how first impressions can be misleading. Kate could not trust Anthony for the stories she had heard and his way of approaching love, but his point of view was based on his own life traumas. He was scared of love, but she made him believe it could be worth trying. Against society’s expectations, they knew that denying their attraction would not be possible. Even Kate’s sister and Anthony’s fiancé could see the sparks that flew when they looked into each other’s eyes.

Now the fans are debating if the TV show will follow the same storyline as the books because now it would be the turn of Benedict’s love story, an artist trying to find his place in the world. Still, as the formula has continued to work, we can expect many modern elements intertwined with the regency era, giving a break from reality to the viewers. In a world where racism does not mandate human interactions, a stark contrast with the reality of the time, love can be found for everyone. As women of color are not usual protagonists in love stories, “Bridgerton” creates an environment to pressure the industry into including more diversity within its casts. Everyone deserves to be represented, just as everyone needs a little bit of love in their lives.

And from romance to friendship and brotherhood, “Bridgerton” has really understood how to present love in its stories. With beautiful modern songs adapted into ball songs, now people can dream of their fairytale story more closely than ever, with a dream of slow dancing to their favorite Harry Styles or Taylor Swift songs with the love of their lives.

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