3 Women Promoting Urban Innovations

3 Women Promoting Urban Innovations

Meet in The Woman Post, the women who drive a series of urban innovations in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

A recent initiative called “HerCity: The Guide to Women’s Participation in Urban Planning,” published by UN-Habitat provides methods and tools for cities to seek the incorporation and participation of women in planning. The data collected show that strategies can work in the long term in sustainable cities and societies because the female gender plans and designs emphasize diversity and different requirements.

The findings indicate that the initiative supports urban growth from a female perspective and helps implement various approaches that provide flexibility and accessibility among professional women and citizens.

On the other hand, a report called “Women and Innovation 2022” reveals that it analyzes gender gaps in the innovative world to guide women’s advances. In the same way, the Council of Ministers and Morant approved the Strategic Plan for Effective Equality between Women and Men 2022 – 2025, with some positive trends reflected in favor of women.

Cities Where More Women Are Driving Urban Innovations

According to Bloomberg Philanthropies, the 2021 Mayors Challenge innovation contest names Latin American cities with urban innovations that emerged from the COVID-19 health crisis and were awarded in 2022. Some of these cities show the enormous challenges that allow the reconstruction of women’s cities. These actions lead to being healthier and egalitarian, with diversity and autonomy.

1. Bogotá City, Colombia: Design blocks of attention to transforming gender inequality.

2. Cartagena City, Colombia: It has a perspective on gender emergencies.

3. Ciudad Guadalajara, Mexico: Create a citizen security index to combat crime.

4. Hermosillo City, Mexico: It provides new employment opportunities for women in the orange economy.

5. Ciudad La Paz, Bolivia: Design urban centers that guarantee accessibility to women in services.

6. Recife City, Brazil: It drives the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s women.

7. Ciudad Ranca, Chile: Create community growth projects.

8. City Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Optimizes living conditions and implements cartographic technology.

9. Rosario City, Argentina: Formalize the selection of waste.

10. Ciudad Tunja, Colombia: It transforms public space optimally for women.

3 Women Who Do a Great Job in Transforming Cities

These women push how people live and reflect on cities as a feminine issue with great effort.

1. Ana Vargas, Director of Trazando Espacios: The architect expresses that we are a country that has everything ahead of it because it seeks to explore cities that change people’s lives. In addition, she has been awarded by the Pontifical Bolivarian University to share her incredible work of rebuilding sustainable cities.

2. Paty Rios, Happy City Project Leader: The professional has a different approach and promotes design based on the human being. Her ideology is based on adding value to sustainable urban design in which women are part of these ideals. In addition, she specializes in urban design, landscape, and interior proposals for the female gender of Mexican cities.

3. Mariana Alegre Escorza, Founder of Lima Cómo Vamos: The leader promotes the rights of urban innovations in which women actively participate. In addition, she tries to encourage mobility in public spaces, urban innovations, diversity, and social inclusion in areas where women interact, to be protagonists of a female ecology.

In short, these pioneers of urban innovation seek diversity in their work and occupy spaces where they interact with other women. The important thing is that they are all women who inspire the sustainable urban world, in which there are various reasons to fight for inclusion, equality, and equity.

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