5 Keys To Achieve Happiness in Life

5 Keys To Achieve Happiness in Life

The Woman Post reveals the best tips for being happy in life. Discover them!.

A study published in The Atlantic Magazine conducted by a multidisciplinary team at Harvard University and Joshua Wolf Shenk reveals what makes us happy and whether there is a formula, a mixture of love, work, and psychological adaptation for the good life. Data collected on happiness indicate that participants were evaluated according to their level of intelligence, income, alcohol consumption, and interpersonal relationships, where different sectors of life were covered.

The research findings demonstrated the keys to what leads people to be happy in life, including love above all else, relationships, connections, and how optimistic you are about life. However, the report stated that you should not abuse alcohol because it can lead to severe health problems and depression.

On the other hand, the results indicate that money does not lead us to happiness; on the contrary, it envies people and negatively transforms them. The study scientifically pointed out that people change if money is involved.

Professor Robert Waldinger says that creating compelling, personal, and fulfilling bonds maintains the ability to manage stress and helps you sleep better. The expert applied an indicator of longevity to the study participants and showed that people in their 50s were satisfied with their relationships, and then at age 80, they were healthier. In addition, the American Psychological Association stated that loneliness is a public health hazard, a problem currently addressed by the COVID-19 health crisis.

Longevity Also Exceeds the Limit of the Number of Years a Person Can Live

Other expert oncologists located in Singapore and the United States reveal results of human longevity, where you can live more than 150 years. This study links aging, loss of capacity, and other reversal parameters in biological age through some experimental interventions. The analysis involves different measurements and processing in advanced technological platforms to generate extensive nuances of opportunities.

Andrei Gudkov, director of the Department of Cellular Stress Biology at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, said the analysis is a conceptual advance in human longevity and reflects factors such as aging, disease, and loss of resilience. Brian Kennedy, a professor at the National University of Singapore, says it helps understand the limits of longevity and closes the gaps between health and life expectancy.

Discover the Keys to How To Achieve Happiness in Life

According to the study published in The Atlantic Magazine, The Woman Post selected the five keys that make us happy and give us a good life.

1. Give and receive love: Several studies reveal that love is one of the pillars of achieving happiness, even positive emotions. Some experts indicate that happiness depends on love, pleasure, joy, humor, and the inspiration you can bring to your life.

2. Good relationships and interpersonal connections: Other analyses show that personal relationships are one of the primary sources of happiness and well-being. However, the result of diversity in bonds has been shown to increase the feeling of happiness significantly.

3. How optimistic you are about life: Optimism is a strategy many people apply to achieve happiness. Several studies have been tasked to identify concepts that reveal the satisfaction of being happy. Therefore, they discovered that optimism is reflected in positive people who want to be healthy and prosperous.

4. Do not abuse alcohol and other drugs: Alcohol consumption generates vulnerability in people and creates dependence problems. In addition, it causes social issues and can harm family well-being and the happiness that has been achieved.

5. Money does not bring us happiness: Matthew Killingsworth, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, claims that there is no such limit; the level of satisfaction has increased. However, thanks to technology, the biases of life itself have decreased. Woody Allen points out that money does not give happiness, but it seeks a similar feeling, and it needs a very advanced specialist to verify the difference.

In short, all the data indicate the keys to achieving happiness. However, only some habits are required to have a wholesome and happy life.

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