Healthy Self-Talk Leads to Positive Outcomes

Healthy Self-Talk Leads to Positive Outcomes

Our dialogue with ourselves has an immense impact on our mental health and ability to achieve. The Woman Post encourages you to shift your perspective from negative to positive, defeat to determination, and insecurity to inspiration.

Many people are unaware of how their negative belief system affects their lives. Think how many times a day you call yourself “stupid,” “clumsy,” “ugly,” and so on. You may think that this negative self-talk is just a way for you to vent and it’s no big deal, but when you say or think these types of negative expressions enough times, they start to stick in your subconscious.

Now think about how many times you’ve talked negatively about yourself over your entire lifetime. According to investigator Kristen Luman, a negative thought process will cause blocks to your success. Think of it this way: There is almost like a little secretary in your subconscious mind that files all that negative self-talk away and then pulls it back up again when you’re trying to achieve some goal.

Unfortunately, that negative belief system can cause you to subconsciously self-sabotage your chance of achievement. For this reason, it is vital to consciously think and speak positively to yourself to create a positive subconscious belief system.

Stop yourself and change the wording when you find yourself putting yourself down. For instance, “I’m dumb” can be changed to “that was a dumb thing for me to do.” Take out the personal attack on your character. There is a vast difference between calling yourself dumb and saying you’ve done something dumb.

You’ll find out that saying or thinking something positive about yourself after putting yourself down will change your thinking pattern. It will also help you to feel a little bit better. Remember: Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.

However, it’s not that easy. It’s challenging to change out through patterns. As the famous quote says, “old habits are hard to break.” But if you start making a conscious effort to change your internal dialogue, you’ll see a positive difference in your life. Here are some examples from Fairy Forum that will help you to speak to yourself more kindly:

-Instead of thinking, “I did nothing today,” say, “I have a chance to be more productive tomorrow.”

-Instead of thinking, “I am so drained,” say, “I have worked hard, and I deserve some rest.”

-Instead of thinking, “I won’t be able to get through this week,” say, “I will feel so proud of myself once this week is over.”

-Instead of thinking, “I keep failing,” say, “I am learning new lessons daily and preparing for success.”

-Instead of thinking, “I am not good enough,” say, “I am worthy of endless blessings. Nothing and no one is out of my league.”

You’ll find that making these small transformations in how you speak to yourself will unlock more of your potential and attract better energy into your life. Now that you know the importance of positive self-talk, you are empowered to grow beyond the harmful limitation you often place on yourself.

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