Music That Promotes Female Empowerment

Music That Promotes Female Empowerment

Through music, famous female artists from all kinds of genres have taken the opportunity to promote sorority and self-love. Here are some of their best songs.

Women in the 21st century are not afraid to speak up their minds and challenge society’s stereotypes about the female gender. The Woman Post brings you some of the best empowerment songs of the last years.

WAP By Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion



From the first words, listeners get immersed in the provocative and explicit world of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, two artists who are not afraid to express their sexuality through music. The song features two well-known American female rappers and indirectly talks about women’s right to pleasure. Both artists sing about how they would like to be sexually satisfied by men. As women’s expression of sexual excitement is not well seen in some cultures, “WAP” challenges stereotypes and society’s expectations of how women should behave. Thanks to this song, women can feel more empowered about their bodies and recognize that they can raise their voices about usually overlooked matters.

Good As Hell By Lizzo



The empowerment of women is the heart of this song. This particular anthem celebrates female friendship and reminds women of taking care of themselves. Through “Good As Hell,” Lizzo tells a story of a sorority where she is cheering up her friend after a breakup. With this song, the artist invites her listeners to focus on themselves rather than giving up on self-love and self-growth. Lizzo’s vocals are very empowering and talk about various topics. However, she always comes back to the starting point: The most important thing is to love ourselves and be proud of who we are.

Good 4 U By Olivia Rodrigo



“Good 4 U” reveals the singer’s feelings and emotions. The song’s rhythm, which alines perfectly with rock, differs from the melancholy lyrics. In this song, Olivia expresses her anger after her ex rapidly starts a new relationship with another girl. In the song, Olivia speaks sarcastically and wishes the best to the man that broke her heart. This song is empowering in the sense that Olivia is not afraid to tell her side of the story. Women often stay quiet and don’t dare to speak up about what bothers them. Nevertheless, Olivia shows that speaking up about your feelings is also an excellent way to get over them.

Roar By Katy Perry



“Roar” is an empowerment anthem in which Katy Perry shows herself vulnerable to revindicate her resilience and strength. This song is for those who are disconnected from themselves and need a change. Through “Roar,” the singer exposes her ups and downs and ultimately invites the listeners to be free and “roar” louder than ever. The song is a cry for freedom and empowerment. At the end of “Roar,” Katy is a braver and stronger woman, a journey that can be very inspiring for anyone.

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