What Did These Women Do To Be Where They Are?

What Did These Women Do To Be Where They Are?

This is the list of women who have actually done something outstanding in the fields of science, communication, culture, sports, economics, technology, and others  

This is the list of women who have done something outstanding in the fields of science, communication, culture, sports, economics, technology, and others  

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The MAS award (Women to follow) organized by this platform that highlights women's actions and projects in Spain, in its IX edition, has brought out the famous phrase "You must have done something to be where you are" that we still hear in some environments, in an attempt to minimize the trajectory, effort, discipline, and preparation that have allowed some women to climb positions and achieve their goals.

Science Category: Corina Love

immunologist and researcher at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where she, despite her youth, since she is not yet 30 years old, directs her research group

Communication Category: Laura Ruiz de Galarreta

Director of communication and institutional relations at Ikea, and additionally performs a commendable job as president of the Spanish Association against Cancer.

Culture Category: Alauda Ruiz de Azúa

Screenwriter and film director with her own production company, she has also been awarded other prizes for her short films and commercials.

Sport Category: Raquel Gonzalez

Athlete, winner of multiple walking competitions, who also has extensive experience in ​​communications.

Economy Category: Susana Rodríguez

CEO and general director of Cantabria Labs, and considered deserving for being the "maximum promoter of the values ​​of entrepreneurship, closeness, and innovation in her company".

Technology Category: Elisenda Bou-Balust

A specialist in artificial intelligence, and autonomous learning systems and Head of Apple Media Knowledge, Elisenda has won the Young Entrepreneur and Princess of Girona Foundation awards for her valuable career.

Advertising and Marketing Category: Eva Pavo

Director of communication and marketing at Correos, she stands out for her commitment to and promotion of equality.

As for the awards to highlight collective impacts led by women, these special mentions stood out:

MAS Lifetime Achievement Award: Ana Belén

Singer, actress, and the director is recognized as an icon of music, theater, and cinema both in Spain and Latin America and has more than forty films, some thirty plays, and more than thirty-five albums.

MAS Community of Madrid Award: Women Action Sustainability (WAS)

Association or group that works permanently and actively for the progress of women in some professional field.

Iberia's MAS Talent on Board Award: Marta Insausti

La Motera, a successful businesswoman, and breast cancer survivor, who has just completed a round-the-world motorcycle trip with charitable objectives (raising funds for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the CRIS Foundation against Cancer), has won this special award he grants him for having been able to imagine new horizons and transcend his limits.

MAS Digital Challenge Award by Globant: Alai Miranda Blanco

It is awarded to this young 18-year-old engineer for her contribution to promoting vocations among boys, girls, and young people and to the progress of women in the STEAM industry (by its initials in English: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and for his projects Esvuela, a drone flight school, or Alibubu, a teddy bear that incorporates an NFC device that saves the personal data of refugee children traveling alone and without identification.

This is how The Woman Post also applauds and highlights these women who have done something different, creative, innovative, and impactful in their area of ​​expertise and knowledge, highlighting their role in society and culture.

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