Martha Lucia Maldonado Is in Charge of Wobi 2022 in Colombia

Martha Lucia Maldonado Is in Charge of Wobi 2022 in Colombia

The World Business Forum Bogotá in its 2022 version, has Martha Lucía as country manager, with the responsibility of carrying out this event

The WBF Bogotá has always been characterized by having world-class speakers and whose motto is The Age of the ideas in its seventh version.

Martha Lucía is a social communicator, with experience as a Country Manager / Top management in the leadership of commercial strategies and positioning; She is an expert in budgeting, expense control and management, structuring, design, and implementation of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, as well as in promotional events and public relations.

Edward Ramírez, founder of Partners for Startups, where they connect entrepreneurs with the corporate world and investors, is a digital activist in Science, Technology, Free Software, Innovation, and Social Issues, and conducted the interview that he kindly shares with THE WOMAN POST to make known the heart of this WOBI.

Martha Lucía affirms that the motto “The Age of the Ideas” refers to the fact that, regardless of technological support and the globalization of information, the key is people’s ideas, as a source of the dynamics that drive other forms of to-do the things.

She assures that the humanization of processes is what should prevail as the basis for entrepreneurship, the focus on sustainability, leadership styles, and team building.

She expresses her satisfaction at having 1,300 executives from various sectors who attend to be inspired by the conferences on innovation and successful business models.

Martha Lucía also talks about the post-pandemic era and how the concept of leadership focused on managing the well-being of people linked to companies and who make up teams, has taken on even greater strength and hence the selection of this motto on this occasion, talking about the necessary social approach and impact on communities that must be implemented and strengthened in the different companies.

In this link, you can access the full interview:

The speakers of version number seven, held in Bogotá, Colombia, had the presence of Muhammad Yunus “Sustainability”, Marcus Buckingham “Leadership”, Uri Levine “Innovation”, Laura Huang “Diversity and Talent”, Mark Roberge “Marketing and Sales”, Santiago Álvarez De Mon “People Management”, Sylvia Ramirez “Self Management”, Magnus Scheving “High-Performance Teams” and Karen Scarpetta “Future of Work”.

To learn more about WOBI, created in 1988, you can go to the page, whose mission states that “We firmly believe that knowledge is the main competitive advantage in the current business landscape and that a good idea can change the world. Our goal is to produce and distribute the best management content, together with the world’s most recognized thinkers, to help companies and their senior managers to improve the way they manage their organizations”

Unquestionably, this type of event contributes every day more to the vision of the enterprises, businesses, and management styles that are currently required once we have gone through the stages of a pandemic, and confinement and that have generated remote work modalities, new styles of physical disposition in the office, schedules, and benefits.

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