Madrid Woman’s Week 2022: The Transmedia Event That Promotes Real Gender Equality

Madrid Woman’s Week 2022: The Transmedia Event That Promotes Real Gender Equality

Women adopt a dominant managerial style to promote gender equality because the feminine style isn’t taken seriously enough. For this reason, the Woman’s Week Foundation touched on this topic during the XII meeting in March.

Madrid Woman’s Week 2022 became a space in which they executed conversations, interviews, debates, gatherings, EmpoWermeets, and performing arts, to strengthen the obstacles women face today. The female leadership that participated in the event was transformative agents in culture, science, technology, health, cyber-violence, and media.

The event was held on Wednesdays throughout March under the slogan “We got it JUNTXS” and emphasized six axes that articulated them, such as Summit of Female Leadership, Sport, Science, Technology, Communication, and Associative Movement. In all areas, solutions were provided to the problems faced by women with gender gaps.

The Woman Post introduces you to the women who empowered the great event, starting with Carmen María García, president of Fundación Woman’s Week (FWW), and Maite Maroto, general director of Iris Global; Paloma Real, general director of Mastercard Spain. Other participants were: Laura Gómez, lieutenant colonel head of the Department of Equality and Diversity, and Cristina Llorens, director of Madrid and Strategic Business and Communication Directorate of the Insurance Development Institute (IDDEAS). In addition, Pilar Gómez, president of the FWW Advisory Council, and Mercedes Fernández, director of the University Institute of Migration Studies of the University of Comillas, participated.

On the other hand, Cristina Vicedo, CEO of the Sincerely Creative Agency, and María Sarabia, professor of the Organization of companies at the University of Alcalá de Henares, were involved in the panel to giving talks, debates, and conversations about society’s struggle for gender equality.

Gema Sanz, director of Business Development and Institutional Relations of Madrid Network, said that the fees are not always fair, and women have to be prepared for the positions offered. That is why, important for women, including girls, to believe in themselves, and develop any project they propose, said Maribel Santos, a member of the College of Engineers of Public Works of Madrid.

Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Strengthen Gender Equality

A study published by McKinsey & Company titled “Women in the Workplace 2021” reveals that women leaders take a step forward to support the well-being of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Surveys showed inclusion, but little participation in women of color, LGBTI+ women, and women with disabilities. Experts suggest that the success of men’s and women’s leadership is different and even opposite because women lead from intuition and men from reason. However, both can complement each other and reinforce gender roles.

Today, women of color, LGBTI+ women, and women with disabilities face constant assault. However, women leaders who promote growth seek to recognize and reward other women for feeling valued in their jobs and can all achieve the success they deserve.

On the other hand, the analysis shows that the COVID-19 health crisis-affected women’s representation. Therefore, the female gender, in general, is exhausted from the work and family efforts they have made lately. Specialists believe that 1 in 3 women want to reduce their work this year. In addition, 4 out of 10 women think about leaving their company and at the same time changing jobs.

Interaction Between Women Can Close Some Gender Gaps

An article published by Matthew Hutson in the Journal of Research and Science revealed that gender gaps are significantly reduced when women spend time together. However, it is vital that women do not change their behaviors but that companies transform their approaches.

Forcefully, these transformations that are implemented are an effort of women that is worth valuing. That is why The Woman Post believes that women leaders and empowered women can handle real crises and promote events open to great opportunities.

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