Immigrant Women’s Rights Awareness Events in 2022

Immigrant Women’s Rights Awareness Events in 2022

Several days are successfully held to make visible the violence suffered by migrant women throughout their migration process.

A recent study titled “Migrant Women in Central America,” published by a research team coordinated by Heydi González and the Central American Integration System (SICA), reveals that women represent approximately 53% of the total migrant population. The data and figures collected from the migrant women surveyed and the authorities agree that women face different levels of gender-based violence in the migration process.

The findings indicate that the risks dramatically increase the vulnerability of migrant women and affect the guarantee of their rights. Like, such as a high level of economic exclusion and feeling unprotected, abused, extorted, and attacked.

Women Migrating To Escape Their Economic Problems

An article called “Refugee and Migrant Women,” published by UN Women shows that people migrate to improve their lifestyles. Even the remittances sent by migrant women to their families strengthen their standard of living. In addition, 50% of the world’s refugees are women and girls. However, only 4% of projects, programs, and initiatives targeted the female sector.

On the other hand, the current data analyzed by experts show that the number of women living in displacement is higher than the number of men. The worst thing is that this circumstance worsens as time passes. That is why refugee and migrant women play an essential role in their communities and economies. However, the commitment to achieve gender equality, empowerment, and the fulfillment of human rights for women and girls is fundamental. Similarly, it is essential to address the requirements of women and girls to prevail their success.

A study published by the Justice and Peace Center (CEPAZ) indicated that migrant women are at severe risk in the migration process and do not know how to implement their rights and expand their opportunities. In addition, it shows a series of conflicts that migrant women get just because they are women.

1. Women face severe sexual exploitation, trafficking, and violence problems.

2. Migrant women face double discrimination.

3. Migrant and pregnant women experience extra discrimination and do not have medical assistance.

4. Migrant women face health problems in displacement.

Women Migrants’ Events

-Migrant Women, Women With Rights 2002: A certified event published on the IHOBE web portal, dedicated to the visibility of the violence suffered by migrant women throughout their migration process.

-The Environment and Migration: A Gender Equality Issue: An event published at the UN Migration addresses the diverse needs of migrants of all genders. In addition, it is committed to promoting gender-sensitive perspectives based on the rights of migrants.

-Workshops 2022 of the Alliance of Migrant Women Against Human Trafficking: These sessions provide a space where migrant women come together to raise awareness and boost resilience.

Forcefully, women have the right to assert their rights. Let’s convene, empower and participate in more events, conferences, programs, and initiatives that motivate women to fight for what they want.

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