Annette Taddeo, Latin Woman Roots, Could Occupy the Governorship of Florida

Annette Taddeo, Latin Woman Roots, Could Occupy the Governorship of Florida

The state of Florida has more than six million Latinos living there, and Annette Taddeo wants to be the next Governor who represents them.

According to the last census in the United States, Latinos went from being 16.3% of the population to 18.7% in the past decade. These states have the largest number of Latino migrants: California, with 15.6 million; Texas, with 11.4 million; Florida, with 6.7 million; New York, with 3.9 million; and Illinois, with 3.3 million.

According to a new report from the Latino Donor Collaborative, Florida has seen the largest increase in Hispanics in its overall population over 4 years, second only to Texas. Annette, 54 years old, born in Santander, Colombia, denotes a temper forged from her childhood. She underwent many plastic surgeries to solve her physical condition since she was born with a cleft lip. At 17 years old, Annette left Colombia, where she lived on a farm with her Colombian mother and her Italian-American father, who was a pilot during the war. Unfortunately, harsh circumstances arose due to the scourge of her father’s kidnapping, which caused the decision to travel to live in the United States.

Annette studied at the University of Alabama, paying for her career by working as a waitress. Then in 1995, she moved to Miami, where she began her business career. She is married with a teenage daughter, Sofia, and two stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage. She is fully convinced that she will be able to win another seat in her political career as a Democrat, which Annette began in 2008. In 2017, she was the first Latin woman to be a senator for the first time in history.


With Taddeo, there are ten Democrats registered in the race for the elections of November 8, 2022. The other seven are David Freeman, Ivan Graham, Jonathan Karns, Amaro Lionheart, Alexander Lundmark, Timothy Mosley, and Robert Willis, and the candidate will emerge from the primaries.

According to Florida Politics, last week, Annette Taddeo’s political committee, Fight Back Florida, hired a new all-female leadership team, with Jackie Lee as a senior adviser. Annette will probably have to face current Governor Ron DeSantis, who is running for re-election. But this does not intimidate her because she is someone of firm convictions who has overcome great obstacles to get to where she is.

Without a doubt, she is a woman whose life story is shared by many of her potential voters, who want a better quality of life in a country where they come with many dreams, trying to overcome the difficulties of those who arrive in a strange land and want a better future for themselves and their families.

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