Essential Books of Powerful Women

Essential Books of Powerful Women

It is wonderful to recommend these authors who have wanted to translate into books their experiences and knowledge obtained because of their professional and work careers

The Woman Post makes this first installment with recommendations of her books, and we are pleased to highlight that we have conducted interviews and reviews of some of them in our publications.

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1. Pasión por los resultados, liderazgo femenino ante las grandes decisiones: Susana Malcorra. Susana raises the importance of enhancing female decision-making skills and achieving the proposed results.

2. Héroes de la diversidad, por qué las organizaciones deben comprometerse con la inclusión. Authors: Marta García-Valenzuela and Alicia Jiménez Jiménez. Its pages highlight the importance of adopting an inclusive leadership model that provides organizations with innovative decisions in this field.

3. Liderar desde los estilos femeninos, horizontales y disruptivos que cambian el mundo. Author: Tatiana Camps Reyes. She raises the indisputable and latent need to instill a deep cultural transformation that minimizes obstacles to provide more opportunities for women in all types of organizations.

4. Mujeres y poder, un manifiesto. Author: Mary Beard. This author gives us a historical and political vision of the bias that marks political discourse, traditionally in charge of men at an international level, leaving aside female voices.

Each one of them in their pages reflects their journey and their permanent efforts and dedication, through which they have been able to overcome barriers and obstacles that continue to arise and that in many cases hinder their personal and work goals, due to encountering "glass ceilings", expression attributed to Marilyn Loden, during a speech given by her in the year 1978 and that has been mentioned as a nucleus in studies, research and writings by Carr-Ruffino (1991), Lynn Martin (1991), Davidson and Cooper (1992 ), Morrison (1992), Holloway (2002), who, among others, is dedicated to highlighting these existing inequalities, and which can be described as an invisible barrier that appears when women approach higher levels in corporate hierarchies and, for various reasons, such as the absence of policies, blocks the possibility of continuing to advance in their professional career and thus hold managerial and executive level positions.

Unquestionably, these books, written by admirable leading women, are required reading both for those who are at the beginning of their professional careers, and for those who have been encouraged to launch their ventures, as well as for those women who hold positions in different organizations and want to manage to establish aspects such as equity, salary equality, promotion and advancement, new inclusion policies and greater career opportunities.

The unparalleled opportunity presents itself to us when we reach levels of the decision since we can promote new strategies that open spaces, strengthen skills, and allow us to talk about female empowerment in various sectors, hopefully not traditional. And these women who dedicate themselves to writing to leave us their legacy, deserve all our admiration.

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