Female Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Tips and Success Stories on YouTube

Female Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Tips and Success Stories on YouTube

The Woman Post brings you a list of successful female entrepreneurs willing to teach you their tricks and the best pieces of advice to start your brand and become a top business owner.

These female entrepreneurs use YouTube to grow their platform, help their followers break mental barriers, and give away some tricks to succeed in the business world.

Silicon Valley Girl



Better known as Linguamarina and Silicon Valley Girl, Marina Mogilko has over 9M followers across YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok. Marina is the co-founder of Linguatrip.com and Fluent Express, a marketplace where language learners are connected to language immersions abroad. On her YouTube channel, she teaches about investing for beginners, in-demand jobs, how to be productive, tips for starting a business, and more! The entrepreneur was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia but is pursuing in the US what she describes as her “American dream” in Silicon Valley.

Jade Darmawangsa



Jade describes herself as a millennial entrepreneur that is “extremely obsessed” with helping her followers grow on social media. Darmawangsa is the current CEO at X8 media, an influencer marketing agency that works with tech platforms and civic movements. She also founded an incubator program, CRE8, an organization that helps creators build long-term businesses through blockchain. With over 500k+ fans and followers, her brand focuses on social media growth and motivation. She started the millennial entrepreneurship podcast The Raisin Brand in December 2017 and then received Creator on The Rise feature on YouTube Trending Worldwide.

Karin Bohn



Karin Bohn is the Founder & Creative Director of House of Bohn, an award-winning interior design firm based in Vancouver. Karin executes exciting, concept-driven spaces across various industries, including hospitality, office, retail, commercial, and residential. The YouTube personality has over 160k subscribers on the platform and over 240 videos talking about business, entrepreneurship, interior design, and how she balances her professional life with being a mom. She also has a series on her YouTube channel called “In Good Company.” There, she interviews other entrepreneurs, and they give away some tips to build successful businesses and create a team culture.


Marie Forleo



Marie is the founder of B-School, the online business training for modern entrepreneurs that’s helped over 66,000 entrepreneurs, artists, and multi-passionate go-getters from all walks of life start and grow their businesses. She’s mentored young business owners alongside Richard Branson and is the creator of the award-winning show, MarieTV, with over 63 million views. Marie also hosts The Marie Forleo Podcast, which has more than nine million downloads. Through her Change Your Life, Change The World initiative, every product purchased helps support a person in need. Among her most impressive achievements, Marie’s brand was named one of the top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs by Forbes.

Sunny Lenarduzzi



The entrepreneur has almost a decade of experience as a video, social media, and online business strategist. Her videos talk about how to start a company from zero, success stories, the best way to balance business and personal life, how to work smarter and not harder, etc. The YouTuber’s personality helps her followers scale their income and teaches them about impact and authority through online course creation and YouTube. Lenarduzzi is also the creator of Recording for Revenue, a digital course on leveraging social video from Snapchat to YouTube for clients’ brands or businesses. In short, she thrives on helping brands and businesses leverage social video for increased leads and awareness.

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