Laura Hoyos, the Young Talented Violinist From Colombia to the World

Laura Hoyos, the Young Talented Violinist From Colombia to the World

From January 15 to 23, 2023, the 17th version of the Cartagena Music Festival will be held in Cartagena, Colombia under the motto El Canto de la Tierra

This time the Festival will have the Prague Chamber Orchestra as the resident group, in whose performances quartets and soloists will be added to perform pieces by Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Janaceck, Enescu, Liszt, Bartok, and Chopin.

The chosen settings are The Sofitel Santa Clara hotel chapel, the Adolfo Mejía Theater, the Proclamation Palace Auditorium, the Charleston Santa Teresa Hotel Chapel, and the Getsemaní Auditorium of the Convention Center.

Attendees will be able to enter on the following free admission dates: The first week of January 6 to 13 in all stages and on other dates depending on the space where the concerts will take place. You can check the program at this link:

In this 17th Cartagena Music Festival, it is intended to highlight the nationalist movements of some Eastern European countries between 1830 and 1915 that had a special influence on cultural, social, and political aspects in Russia, former Czechoslovakia (today the Czech Republic, and Slovakia ), Romania and Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, during which the authors of the time added traditional aspects of each country, seeking to strengthen tradition and customs.

This is how “EL CANTO DE LA TIERRA, música entre el nacionalismo y el cosmopolitismo en el siglo XIX” was born on this occasion.

The Woman Post wants to highlight a young violinist who will be one of the participating artists. This is Laura Hoyos. Laura began her violin practice at the age of five, guided by her father, the musician from Cartagena Rafael Hoyos, a founding member of the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra and the Colombian Symphony. After her, her brother Federico Leonardo Hoyos also instructed her, boosting her promising musical career.

From 2015 to 2017, as part of the Bogotá Chamber Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, he was a concertmaster. He has collaborated with Krzysztof Penderecki, Rinaldo Alessandrini, and Julian Rachlin.

Her studies consist of a Bachelor of Music at The Mannes School of Music in New York.

One of her most significant experiences was her participation in the World Orchestra 04/24, organized in commemoration of the centenary of the Armenian genocide, in which she participated as part of the string ensemble of the violinist Gilles Apap on April 24, 2015, at the Theater of Opera and Ballet of Yerevan-Armenia. She was moved by the emotional reaction of the public, which, according to her, was awakened by the chords of the violins.

Her favorite musician is Tchaikovsky, and Laura, in addition to music, practices tennis and draws in pencil, when her intense dedication and practicing the violin several hours a day allow her, which has earned her the award of the winner at the Young Talents contest in 2008, and the children’s category and in the adult category in 2011.

She has also taken part in interesting international events such as the Keshet Eilon Summer Master Course (Israel), Lac Leman masterclasses (Switzerland), the LAUS academy in Dubrovnik (Croatia), and the Kent Blossom Music Festival.

Those attending the Cartagena Music Festival in 2023 will be able to delight in the beautiful and professional interpretations of her that she has also performed in previous versions, in which she has received well-deserved ovations from the public.

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