Try New Traditions To Enjoy the Arrival of the New Year

Try New Traditions To Enjoy the Arrival of the New Year

In every corner of the world, the arrival of the new year is celebrated especially. We mention some traditions that may not be very familiar to our culture

We all want and wish for ourselves and our family, friends, and relatives, the best fortune, luck, and wishes fulfilled in the new year, as well as want to remove possible difficulties that may have occurred in the year that is ending.

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In Greece, a cake is made in which a coin is placed inside, it is distributed among the diners and, whoever finds it in their portion, will have good fortune.

In Ireland, loaves of bread are thrown on the walls to attract good luck and ward off bad influences.

In Japan, intense cleaning days are carried out inside and outside the houses, so that everything is impeccable to receive the new year.

Buddhist temples make 108 chimes, a custom to prevent people from committing the 108 sins listed according to this religion's beliefs.

In Denmark, plates are thrown to drive away evil spirits until they break against the walls of the houses of relatives and friends, making a lot of noise.

In Italy, a special sparkling wine is chose00n for dinner, which is made and consumed particularly to receive the New Year.

In the Philippines, it is customary to dress in garments that have printed polka dots, as a sign of good omen.

In Scotland, they light a fire that burns from December 31 to January 2 called "Hogmanay", in which old elements are placed or that ward off evil spirits.

In Colombia, a kind of representation of a person dressed in clothes and a hat is made, who represents the old year and at midnight is set on fire, to receive the new year.

Among the general and popular traditions in many countries, the use of undergarments of certain colors to attract good luck is mentioned. Red is used for love and yellow for good fortune.

Some keep the tradition of running around with a suitcase, to attract trips. Important if it is filled with a passport and some foreign currency.

It is customary to consume 12 grapes with each stroke at midnight, to attract good intentions for each month of the year.

You can place a jewel inside the champagne glass to attract money and business.

Spraying the heads of friends or family with some liquor at twelve, with the idea of providing them with health and well-being.

You can propose some of these different traditions and add a touch of joy to this New Year celebration.

While in the West we go with the Gregorian calendar, some religions and cultures do not celebrate the arrival of the new year on December 31.

In China, according to their calendar, the year is changed to Sunday, January 22, known as the Spring Festival, and a red envelope with money is delivered. The animal that will symbolize 2023 in China will be the Water Rabbit, due to its qualities of vigilance, ingenuity, and quick mind.

Losar, the Tibetan New Year coincides with the Chinese New Year.

For the Jews, the new year, called Rosh Hashanah, was celebrated last September and is represented with honey, fresh bread, pomegranates, and apples, which are consumed at home and given as gifts for good augury.

The Hindu New Year, or Dawali, is celebrated in mid-November with ceremonies and dances such as the Dandiya, for five days.

Muslims celebrate Muharram in July and are currently in the year 1444 of the Hijri era.

Seollal is Korean New Year and is by the lunar calendar. Their clothing used in these parties is called Habok and they consume “charye” tea, typical of the new year.

On the island of Bali, the festival is called Nyepi and it also follows the lunar calendar.

Wayeb is the name for the Mayan New Year, which is still celebrated in February in Guatemala.

In September in Ethiopia, the celebration called Enkutatashi takes place, in which flowers are given.

In June, ceremonies are held in Cusco, Peru to receive Inti Raymi, the Inca New Year.

Whatever your ideologies, beliefs, or culture, at The Woman Post we have made this international selection to celebrate a new beginning, sending our best wishes.

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