Clinical Hypnosis and Reflections on Human Pleasure

Clinical Hypnosis and Reflections on Human Pleasure

We are in a society of pleasure, a discourse in which happiness prevails above all things

Although pleasure is a physiological aspect, it is intrinsically related to ideas socially imposed from birth, a social order, and rules that are imposed from the family, then the institutions, and finally a life in which if you do not produce, the fear of poverty and death is just around the corner.

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María del Pilar García has been a teacher for a lifetime, initially in preschool, then in elementary school, and finally in university. There, in this last step of education, she realized the importance of reinforcing young people's knowledge of being hers and for consolidating personal projects. In this process, she met the president of the Colombian Association of Clinical Hypnosis, founded on July 20, 2007.

With the Association he began to train and learn more about sleep therapy with which he has been working for 20 years. Dream Therapy is an Ericksonian technique that is based on the natural processes that occur during this state of unconsciousness.

What the technique does is use this dream process to take the person to a state of relaxation of their mind and body, through this relaxation we achieve that the person can go to the depths of their mind, which is the unconscious, permanently the unconscious collects those internal memories that are staying there and, above all, due to traumas or bad memories, tensions and anguish are generated, hidden impulses that often make the human being want to do something but end up doing something else. It is the struggle of these two processes between the conscious and the unconscious, a communication process of the mind and with the mind that allows the conscious or rational parts to interact with the unconscious parts, establishing a connection.

The unconscious keeps those hidden drives that are there from the moment we are conceived. Cells have memory. By having memory, cells have information, information from the very moment in which the being was formed.

“Scientifically no one has discovered where the memory is located, but we know that it exists because memories exist and that tells us that the memory is there. These are the processes that they cannot understand, and since they cannot be understood they generate a lot of anxiety and anguish” comments María del Pilar.

At the time when the brain is formed from 0 to 6 years, boys and girls not only have the most complex and important mental processes but also personality is formed. These personalities were appearing and according to these personalities the human being was projected according to that projection that the human being has, he manages to be human but in most cases with information that the system and context emit. So personality and being are permeated by what mom, dad, school, friends, university, and the world in general want, and many times these imposed ideas prevent the human being from discovering himself because it ends up being what others want. let the person be

"When a person manages to go through the hypnosis process, they can understand that they were somehow manipulated by the system and can understand what they want to be and what has frustrated them, and from this technique, they can understand what they want for themselves," he adds. Maria del Pilar

Hypnosis therapy has proven to be functional for stress reduction before surgery or in the treatment of depression. In addition, it is an increasingly common technique in the treatment of alcohol and tobacco addiction, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and eating disorders.

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