Cabushtak, the Young LGBT+ Novel Writer

Cabushtak, the Young LGBT+ Novel Writer

Her real name is Dariana Xicoténcalt, and the works of this young 22-year-old Mexican writer are in vogue on the digital platform Wattpad.

This platform, created in 2006, provides the opportunity for young literary creators to publicize their works, without having to go through all the paperwork required for a printed work and has been a springboard for the author Anna Todd, whose works from The Kissing Booth trilogy, by Beth Reekles, and After, which have had film adaptations.

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Cabushtak, a communication student whose passion is literature, began writing at the young age of 9, he opened his Wattpad account in 2012, when he began to launch publications with queer themes. His writings began to gain incredible popularity, for which he won the Watty award in 2020.

According to her, “Wattpad gives us the freedom to express ourselves through stories” which allows us to “reflect and rethink the harmful stereotypes that surround us due to the low representation of the LGBTIAQ+ community with which we grew up.”

Among his works we can mention “El balcón Vecino” whose protagonist is a bisexual boy who reunites with an ex-boyfriend from high school, “El aroma de Lavanda”, “El contagio que nos presentó” and “El fin que quiero”, whose letters are narrated romantic stories.

She comments that she admires the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima, who was gay, and finds in-depth works about the harsh reality of her existence due to his condition, which led to his suicide.

The platform that has allowed hundreds of young people to make their literary works known, has as a strategy to make their stories known, offering more than 50 tools that allow them to build their writings, and through a community that is made up of 90 million of readers, they can expand their contacts, even with other writers, and as their circle grows, they obtain star status to achieve their dream of seeing their writings on film or television.

For those registered to the platform, writing contests are offered to obtain prizes, among which there is the possibility of linking to the associated brands, there are also the long-awaited annual Watty awards, which highlight the best stories that publications or their versions may have. in movies or series.

Among the associated brands, the following can be listed: Macmillan publishers, Anvil Publishing, Penguin Random House UK, Sony Pictures Television, Hulu, and Syfy, which shows that there is significant support for young people, demonstrating that their writings can acquire importance and relevance, regardless of their age or experience, which breaks stereotypes and the usual schemes that have sometimes interrupted careers and aspirations when looking for publishing houses and the publication of books.

If you are passionate about reading and writing or you know a young man or woman who would like to share their stories, you can enter the platform and follow the steps described there. You are probably in for a surprise in the immediate future, gaining recognition, surrounding yourself with a community of your own, getting awards and why not, an opportunity to have it printed and distributed in bookstores or made into a TV or movie version!

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