Lina Abu Akleh, in the Tireless Search for the Truth

Lina Abu Akleh, in the Tireless Search for the Truth

The name of Lina Abu Akleh cannot be separated from that of her aunt, the Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who died on May 11, 2022, in Jenin, in the West Bank  

She died during a crossfire between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli police.

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Since Shireen's death, Lina has raised her tireless voice to the world to get the truth revealed. As a human rights defender, she has gone to any lengths to let the world know that her aunt's death was a murder even as the Israeli military describes the fatal event as a "probable mistake”:

Combining her activism that has women's rights as its central axis, Lina Abu Akleh asked the FBI for a thorough investigation into the circumstances in which Shireen died and has made innumerable efforts so that the journalist's name continues to live in the memory of the world until the point of achieving that she received the posthumous award of the National Press Club in 2022. This award served for Lina to demand that the treatment that the Palestinians receive from the Israelis be reviewed.

She recently supported the Al Jazeera chain that brought the case before the International Criminal Court. Speaking to the media, Lina Abu Akleh stated: “It is important that there is continued support for Shireen. We will continue to talk about it and urge governments and legislators to take action and put pressure on those in power to bring the culprits to justice”.

On his Twitter account, on December 6, 2022, she stressed that the Israeli police do not want journalists like Shireen to report violations of Palestinian human rights: “Israeli soldiers are rarely held accountable for their war crimes, which creates a culture of impunity that allows for these atrocities to continue. But enough is enough, we must end impunity for Israel's war crimes. It's past time for justice for Shireen and for every Palestinian that's been killed by the Israeli army”.

Thanks to her tireless activism and her voice that has been heard on many global stages, Lina was named 2022 TIME100 Next as one of the world's most outstanding women leaders. Also, she is one of the 100 women selected by BBC for the 2022 list of most inspiring and important women worldwide.

Lina Abu Akleh has a Master of International Studies, Human Rights, Governance, and Global Justice from the University of San Francisco. In her LinkedIn account, the activist highlights her interest in "finding opportunities in the field of social justice, development, diplomacy, human rights, public policy, and university academic mentoring”.   


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