5 Women Fighting for Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow

5 Women Fighting for Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Woman Post invites you to meet five extraordinary women who fight for gender equality, equity, and diversity, emphasizing different areas.

In 2022, several doors opened for the female gender because UN Women carries out a study called “In Focus: International Women’s Day” to join women in actions such as gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow. This initiative allows us to understand the relationship between gender, social equity, and climate change.

In general, the female gender depends on the natural resources we possess—however, the blow of all crises generated in women various gaps and inequalities disproportionately. Therefore, the female gender has taken space, and social networks implemented adaptations and developed posts of multiple solutions to be and stay united in the sorority.

An article titled “The BBC’s 100 women of 2021” reveals a group of extraordinary women fighting for gender equality today and for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Mónica Araya, Costa Rica

Mónica Araya is a Costa Rican emissions-free transportation advocate. The leader seeks to devise sustainable style solutions with a group dedicated to clean development and has been in that management for 20 years. This initiative is led by the transport team of the Climate Champions group at COP26 in Amsterdam. In addition, she has a global leadership network called “Women in STEM” which is based on eliminating the internal combustion engine and providing electro-mobility energy to communities.

Alba Rueda, Argentina

Alba is an activist for the rights of LGBTI+, transgender, transvestite, and any diversity or sexual orientation. In addition, she became the first transgender woman to hold high public office in Argentina. This trans activist is one of the most influential and inspires other women to change people’s reality and inequality. The activist campaigned for a labor bill for transgender to obtain decent jobs without inequality.

Abia Akram, Pakistan

Abia Akram is the first disabled woman to hold a Commonwealth Youth with Disabilities Forum Coordinator position. In addition, she seeks inclusive education and opportunities for all women who can build a future. Akram works to advance as a leader and as a professional and empower through pieces of training, conferences, and inclusive training, among others. For the leader, it is a great challenge that is worth facing.

Nilofar Bayat, Afghanistan

Nilofar Bayat is a wheelchair basketball player. The professional is a great Paralympic basketball athlete who fights for women’s rights in that sector. The women’s basketball team captain is an advocate for women with disabilities and inspires the female gender of Afghanistan. In addition, she became the protector of her country’s refugees.

Faiza Darkhani, Afghanistan

The leader believes that gender equality and women’s empowerments are the basis for climate change and the growth of sustainability. That is why, with various initiatives and programs, she seeks to value the capacities of women in an activist environment for the climate and their rights.

Forcefully, all these women reflect in different ways on how they achieve gender equality in their sector and fight to empower women and girls because it is not only a human right but also the sustainability of our world.

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