Iris Van Herpen, Haute Couture and Science Fiction

Iris Van Herpen, Haute Couture and Science Fiction

Surely we have seen her designs in prominent fashion events, celebrities with their dresses that seem from another world.

This is Iris Van Herpen, originally from the Netherlands.

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Her garments present an amazing mix of craftsmanship with the technological contribution that makes them unique and that indisputably steals eyes wherever they are seen.

Artists of the stature of Björg, Lady Gaga, Fan Bigbing, Naomi Campell, Soo Joo Park, Cate Blanchet, Coco Rocha, India Moore, and Tilda Swinton among others, have chosen to look stunning at high-class events, thanks to Iris.

Although she practiced ballet as a child and longed to be a noted dancer, she decided to study at the Arnhem Institute of the Arts, won a scholarship to work with Alexander McQueen, interned with designer and artist Claudy Jongstra, whose work focuses on architecture and ecology, which gave him new edges to finally create his brand in 2007, which he presented at the Fashion Week in Amsterdam, with the parade called Chemical Crows. She then launched into 3D printing and laser cutting, the result of which brought to life the Crystallisation collection in 2010, which, unsurprisingly, received both applause and criticism. But undeniably from then on he has been making a difference in the field of Haute fashion by combining artistic expression and technology.

In 2011, Iris Van Herpen experienced one of the most key moments in her career, when she was appointed as a guest member of the ´Federation de la Haute de la Couture et de la mode´, an organization that brings together haute couture houses and gives them the endorsement to use this term in their creations and fashion shows.

In the opinion of specialist Suzy Menkes, Van Herpen "is probably the fashion designer with the greatest vision of tailoring as science fiction." And it is that this designer achieves the fusion that usually would not be believed possible: the beauty of art with amazing technological advances.

Those who have seen the movie Wakanda Forever will surely be amazed by the incredible, innovative and impressive costumes of the actors and actresses, for which Adidas designs were taken into account, as well as the luxury brands Iris van Herpen, Mugler, Hervé Legér, whose final result is undoubtedly something to admire and highlight.

Particularly for the underwater scenes, Iris designed 211 3D-printed dresses, inspired by the aquatic environment of the scenes.

His recent collection Metamorphism presented at the 2022 Paris Haute Couture week, was inspired by Ovid's Magnus opus poem "Metamorphosis" and in association with the sculptor Casey Curran, who for the anniversary of the "Maison" presented to the public a fusion which generated great interest and acceptance.

The movements of the creations by the bodies of the models, provide an amazing and futuristic illusion that makes Iris Van Herpen an innovator in every sense of the word, which has allowed her to appear in exclusive spaces such as the Met Gala, Fashion Week in Amsterdam, Milano design week, Beijing, V&A Museum in London and many others in her wonderful career.

There is much more to expect from this creative fashion designer, who has taken leaps and bounds and will set the standard for others who see her as a model of inspiration and novelty in haute couture worldwide.


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