Meet an Inspirational Woman, the Google Assistant Director

Meet an Inspirational Woman, the Google Assistant Director

Lilian Rincón is the Senior Director of Product Management at Google and the mastermind behind Google Assistant.

Lilian Rincón is the Senior Director of Product Management at Google and the mastermind behind Google Assistant.

The future is already here, and the Venezuelan product executive knew it beforehand. Rincón has become one of the top women in technology. Not only her achievements are impressive, but her portfolio is as well: she has over 20 years of consumer Internet experience and 15 years of management experience.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is responsible for category-leading products in Artificial Intelligence (Google Assistant), communications (Skype), Microsoft's Conversations as a Platform, search (Bing), advertising (adCenter), and mobile (Bing Mobile, Skype Mobile, and Google Assistant).

The executive has been chosen as one of the top 15 power women at Google (BI) in 2019, Top Women in Tech by Refinery29 in 2018, Top Power Women by Marie Claire in 2017, and Top 20 Latinos in Tech (CNET) in 2016.

Women Techmakers is Google's global outreach program that focuses on providing community visibility and resources for women across all levels and job types worldwide. Rincón makes part of this initiative. During the 6th anniversary of Women Techmakers during the International Women's Day Celebration in 2019, Rincón said, "this is so we can empower women and create leaders in this industry."

The program engages 150,000 women each year in over 190 countries. Rincón joined Google in 2017. Her team has had a significant presence in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


The Director of Google Assistant encourages women to have the courage to question the status quo to push innovation, movements, and female tech leaders forward. Rincón has been passionate about technology for a long time.

Rincón is half Chinese and half Spanish but was born and grew up in Venezuela. Before the age of 12, she lived on three different continents. The female leader moved from Venezuela to Canada to Indonesia. Thanks to her unique experience, she had a diverse upbringing and had to go through many challenges.

For example, when she moved to Canada, she was nine years old and didn't speak English. Rincón's first language is Spanish. Although she struggled with learning the new language, she could do it.

At that time, Rincón fell in love with math because it was a universal language that didn't require her to speak a specific language. Her passion for math led her to study computing science at Simon Fraser University in Canada and eventually get an engineering degree.

One of her first jobs was at Microsoft back in 2005 when Bill Gates was still there. Rincón has always dared to question and to push innovation. She started in the display advertising platform team, saw some inefficiencies, and decided to propose a creative marketplace that would connect artists to self-serve advertisers. Her idea became part of the Ad Center, which became Google's self-serve advertising platform.

"For me, this was a real moment of growth in my career, and it had not to do with stuff that I was supposed to do, but this ability to push an idea forward," recalls the Director during the Women Techmakers conference.

Rincón leads the Features team of the Google Assistant and remains a great example of inspirational women in technology. She is the living proof that believing in yourself and pushing forward your ideas can positively impact your life and inspire other women in your field around you.  

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