7 Mental Health Apps you Need to Know About

7 Mental Health Apps you Need to Know About

Technology has had an impact on the research and treatment of mental illnesses.

Technology has had an impact on the research and treatment of mental illnesses. Even mental health professionals use modern technology, such as smartphone apps, when working with patients.

These seven mental health apps can help you through your recovery before you feel ready to go to therapy.

1. What's Up?

This app utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) to manage your mental health better and deal with stress, depression, and anxiety. It's user friendly and effortless to navigate in. If you are new in the mental health world, this is a good start for you.

2. MindShift

MindShift is very much targeted to those who are struggling with anxiety, especially teens and young adults. One of this app's best features is the tons of information that it gives about this emotion. For example, it has some of the most frequently asked questions about anxiety for you to see some of the answers people have.

3. Happify

This app is for depression. It can help you with other things, especially if you are looking to improve your mood and work on being happy. Happify puts you on a path toward achieving goals and working each day to complete them while sprinkling some games you can also use.


4. Stigma

Stigma has a significant journaling component. The app gives you the option for private or public, so when you are using your username and your password for this app, you got to choose if you want to keep all of your thoughts and feelings for yourself. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who benefits from hearing you and giving you feedback for letting you know that you are not alone, this app could be pretty good for you, especially for the networking aspect that it provides.

5. Breathe2Relax

It's very accurate by the name. It would help if you breathed to relax. Sometimes when you are very tense, your blood can't circulate, and you and your heart rate can't calm down. This app is a portable tool for stress management. Breathe2Relax lets you see demonstrations for breathing. It also gives you tips and allows you to learn about the importance of breathing and how it can be your gateway toward relaxing and healthily dealing with stress. 

6. Youper

This is an overall mental health app. It describes itself as an "emotional health assistant." You can get information about thinking, mood, mindfulness, and other related topics. If someone is brand-new to anything regarding therapy, it does give you the information. It's also beneficial because the app provides the tools to understand what you are doing and how it will benefit you.

7. Calm

This app is perfect for relaxation. You can use it as much as possible because it's very beneficial to target ways to help you stay calm, whether through music, meditation, or sleep stories. If you like listening to a very familiar soothing voice, hearing nature sounds or things to help you get into that deep sleep, it's excellent for you.

If these apps are not doing it for you and you need more, seek additional help. There are hotlines and online therapy. Know that help is out there, and you don't have to be alone in your struggles.  

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