Ariana Grande, and her Song About Female Empowerment “Poses”

Ariana Grande, and her Song About Female Empowerment “Poses”

Ariana Grande's new music video for her song "Poses" is about empowerment and equality for women

Ariana Grande's new music video for her song "Poses" is about empowerment and equality for women.

One of the most beautiful voices of this era is back and releasing new solo tracks, and fans couldn't be more excited. The singer recently released her new single "Positions" from her highly anticipated sixth album.


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The pop star has been teasing her new job for months, so this first track is a taste of what fans can expect from her full album. Turns out the lyrics on "Positions" are pretty deep, and there are two ways to play this fiery track.

Lyrically you think it's about a relationship and doing anything for your partner. Still, there is something else, and the music video is what conveys the second meaning.

You may have heard the song's cursory lyrics about how Ariana will make her partner a priority and will take any stand for them. The lyrics become more sensual when Ariana sings that there is nothing she would not do for someone special.


On the other hand, while you can interpret the positions as a love song, you can also see it as an important message about the empowerment of women, especially when combined with Ariana's music video for the track.

The images of the song show Ariana turning the meaning of the lyrics towards the message that inspires women to occupy positions of decision and power, usually held by men. For example, in this video, she becomes president of the United States and then appoints a female staff to the cabinet.

This album will be a very empowering piece for women to change patriarchy. Also, it seems that while this song could be a love song for her boyfriend Dalton Gomez, it is also a message for Ariana's other love: her fans.

Ariana is trying to tell her female fans that women can be on par with men, a message that runs throughout this music video. "Position" is not only a love song but also a hymn of power for women who take control and change positions with the patriarchy.

The singer released her music video for "Positions" just a day after the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It is intentional that her album is released only a couple of days before Election Day. Ariana has also been sharing on her Instagram stories every day how and where to vote. She encourages her fans to be part of the present and future of their country.


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The central approach of the single revolves around finding empowerment within yourself. The reference to "Positions" also reminds the general public of the time when Lauren Conrad, a television personality, was asked, "What is your favorite position?" and she replied, "C-E-O".

In her music video, women of different ethnicities participate. Usually, the top positions in the White House are appointed to men, but in this video, it is filled with only women, which also shows equality and female empowerment. This is a topic that the singer has been on for a long time protesting.

This video shows that women can change the whole world on their own, be whoever they want to be, and be in positions they want to fill.

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