Top 5 Ideas to Create Your Dream Life

Top 5 Ideas to Create Your Dream Life

Now you can spend time and effort to get cash right away. 

Now you can spend time and effort to get cash right away. The different opportunities require an additional initial investment of time, money, and effort. Here are some ideas from successful young women entrepreneurs to get you started.

Christina Marie is an entrepreneur and content creator who founded "Create Your Dream Life", an initiative to inspire women to have the freedom to do what they love. The lifestyle coach also has a Digital Dream Life Academy, where she teaches all the steps to start an online business. Here are some ideas that will surely make you a successful young woman.


It’s no secret that podcasting is super popular these days so, how can you turn podcasting into a business? By partnering with brands and doing advertising for them. The dynamic is the same as a YouTube channel: brands will reach out and get you to advertise their products, and then in exchange, they will pay you to do that.

If you are somebody who doesn’t like being on camera but still has an important message to share, or you have something you are passionate about, and you want to get out there in the world, podcasting is a great business to start.

Renting on Airbnb

You can do a business out of renting on Airbnb. If you don’t have the money right now to buy a second separate house and put it on the website to rent out to other people, what you could do is rent another apartment and re-rent that out on the Airbnb website.


However, it’s essential to know that not every landlord will feel comfortable with you renting their apartment and then renting it out again on the third party website. Some cities have regulations or rules on re-renting or subletting on Airbnb, but it’s worth checking out.

Wedding or Party Decorator

Over the years, you can collect a whole bunch of different décor items and supplies. Clients will pay you to go to their wedding venues so you can set up beautiful sites for weddings. This job gets paid a fair amount because the wedding industry is usually well paid. If you are good at decorating, you can build up your skills over time. If you love decorating you can get to be a part of people’s big special day, which can be fun.

Opening Up a Clothing Consignment Shop

Whenever you are done with your clothes, they don’t fit anymore, or you stop liking them, you can always gather them up and take them to your local consignment shop to sell them for you, and then you will make a percentage of the profits.

So it’s an excellent way to get a little bit of your money back for what you spent on your clothes. Or you can found your consignment shop. This would be a good start because not every community has one. People always want to make money back on their clothing because they also don’t have to pay for their products. You get people bringing you the product for free, so you only need to sell it and give them a small percentage.

Becoming a Traveling Hairstylist

People with long hair hardly ever get their hair done because it takes over 3 hours to their hair, and they don’t have that much time to take it in their day, o to the hairstylist, and sit in a chair for that long.

Becoming a traveling hairstylist is a good idea. You could advertise when you go to the client’s home so that they don’t have to leave, and they can still do things while you’re doing their hair in the comfort of their own home.

Some of these ideas can inspire you to start your own business. Many opportunities also require to have some specialized skills or experience. However, if you put a great effort and trust yourself, you will find an open door wherever you are.

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