New Horizons at The White House

New Horizons at The White House

Jill Biden is not exactly the woman behind a great man, she is used to being next door and often in front.


The new First Lady will surely be the one to break the mold in the White House when she shows the world that she decides what she wants to do because long ago, and successfully, she took charge of her life.

Jill Biden is not exactly the woman behind a great man, she is used to being next door and often in front.

Perhaps the story of a life dedicated to teaching as a teacher in a public university center, having lost a 46-year-old son to brain cancer, her early decision to earn her own money as a teenager, or the authorship of a book in which points to love as the basis to face any challenge, were the arguments that convinced many American women who admire her, to give the female vote to Jill Biden's husband.

Joe Biden is today the 46th president-elect of the United States and will be occupying the White House in January 2021. On his way to that position, he was supported by a woman who has been a support for her family and an example of tireless work for the world. She shares her husband's interests but has made it clear that she has her own. Her name Jill, her last name Biden.

The 69-year-old blonde who will soon hold the official title of first lady has repeatedly announced that she will not stop teaching. She has been the "Doctor B" in the classrooms and wants to continue being so despite the obligations that her new position will demand of her.

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It has always been presented in a loving and respectful way by the current president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, who, in assemblies of his Democratic party, was frequently heard saying “I am the husband of Dr. Jill Biden”, a forceful phrase which indicates the admiration he deserves for the woman who has accompanied him for many years in his family life and his political career.

Teaching is serious

Jill Biden's north has been teaching and her devotion to her practice in academic classrooms is so great that, in 2008, when her husband was vice president of the United States, she assumed her agenda as second lady, combining it with the classrooms of class. The history of the presidents of the most powerful nation in the world does not record similar cases. Never, until Jill Biden, a woman with that endowment had a parallel position that reported a monthly salary.

Apparently, her decision to remain a salaried teacher with nearly 40 years of experience has not been changed by the fact that her husband has been elected as the next president of the United States, replacing Donald Trump. Jill Biden has cultivated her calling and takes it seriously, as evidenced by an undergraduate degree, two masters in education, and a doctorate in pedagogy.

A life of struggles

The fact that at age 15 she desired her financial independence speaks to Jill Biden's strengths and strong convictions. At that age, when most teens just want to have fun, she thought about earning her own money. The parents were a bank clerk who became a manager and a housewife, so their childhood and adolescent life developed in the middle class, without frills or ostentation. She is the oldest of five sisters who grew up in Philadelphia.

The woman who will open in 2021 replacing Melania Trump, has been leaving her mark in the world of education as a teacher and writer of stories for children. In April 2019, she showed that she moves like a fish in the waters of narrative when she presented her book Where the Light Enters in whose pages Jill portrays the history of the Bidens marked by tragedy and emotional rebirth. Joe Biden lost his first wife and an 18-month-old daughter in a traffic accident, he was left alone with two children -Beau and Hunter- and Jill Jacobs (maiden name of the now first lady of the United States) came into their lives to make her kinder.

Jill Biden is a woman who practices cycling and has participated in several marathons. Just as she takes care of her health, she works for that of all American women. Knowing that 4 of her friends were diagnosed with breast cancer led her to take action and in 1993 she founded the Biden Initiative for Breast Health with the aim of early detection of this disease that afflicts millions of women around the world.

Undoubtedly this woman who graded exams while attending to the demands of the agenda of a second lady, who understands the value of education because for 40 years she has not abandoned teaching, who has taken time out of life to study tirelessly, who she adopted two children who were not her own and raised one of her own whom she named Ashley and only married Joe Biden when she was sure that she could take on the challenge of leading a new family, she will be the one to break the mold in the White House when showing the world that she decides because she successfully took control of her life long ago. Jill Biden is not exactly the woman behind a great man, she is used to being next door and often in front.

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