How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Integrity

How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Integrity

The mind-body duo is present in a technique that rescues the value of humanity. 

The mind-body duo is present in a technique that rescues the value of humanity.

From the inside, it tends to build a being that reveals a condition of light and from the outside, it potentiates bodily capacities that they confront in a peaceful way without provocation.

It has always been said that violence calls violence, but it is not under this premise that the conception of what self-defense means and represents is built. When this technique is mentioned and accessed, it is generally done, depending on the context, as a way of responding to an attack. Almost intuitively the person acts from an empowering attitude and in other cases, extracts his other self, not the noble or peaceful one, but the one that reacts impulsively so as not to allow collateral damage.

However, personal defense in the words of Edgar Leaño, Counselor and advisor of Self Defense for Security Staff and common citizens, is a life tool that invites human beings to have a connection with their emotions, enabling self-control but above all understanding which is a methodology in which you can find the answer to the construction of your own being, being a complement to what you experience in your daily becoming where you must face various situations, which far from being motivating of physical contact to demonstrate power, become opportunities to think from other paths that invite reflection on the acts and generate a replica that does not destroy, but builds from its applicability.

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"The being is strengthened through comprehensive training, cultivating inner strength and working the external part in the execution of methods, achieving a balance between the physical and mental," said Leaño. That is why when self-defense is assumed under this connotation, the benefits for people who make the decision to practice it are numerous: strengthening the immune system, followed by invigorating the body whose purpose is to prepare it for complex scenarios, develop self-confidence, remembering that it is not only about focusing on the mind against that defense when applying certain procedures, but that it must contribute to a philosophy to face the different challenges to which it is exposed within its reality, the human condition.

That is why when Edgar Leaño assumes personal defense as a resource for existence, he does so by emphasizing the contributions it generates in the face of the high degrees of concentration that people reach. In that direction, interpretation and analysis are improved in the face of the environment, self-confidence is acquired to face problems or conflicts in work and family environments, as well as learning to face certain dangers, always using a peaceful solution. Now, if the event that arises puts life at risk, then control or subjugation techniques will begin to be exercised.

The process applied by the specialist is based, not on something structured, but on a “training that is imparted to the individual or individuals in order to resolve daily life circumstances without developing such a limited scheme, potentiating the development of abilities and skills in a way natural."

In conjunctural moments such as those that are experienced worldwide, and specifically referring to gender violence, whose figures are increasing, the United Nations presents a regrettable reality: 1 in 3 women has suffered physical or sexual violence by their partner or ex-partner. Faced with this scenario, the aggression figures that have been most representative have to do with femicides: murders of women for the fact that they are. Africa is the continent with the highest rate of femicide, followed by America.

In scenarios, such as the one described above, personal defense plays a fundamental role that, according to the interviewee," is based on finding the right path and the right orientation to receive the appropriate training." Although it is true that there are various methodologies, not all of them are applicable or have had poor orientations, resulting in erroneous deductions at critical moments.

That is why Edgar Leaño suggests to women at risk that self-defense can be an answer, it is only necessary to “give yourself the opportunity to build that inner strength from self-confidence, self-control, discipline, knowledge, strengthening skills. and skills, development of a balanced character, more non-violent or aggressive, giving security when you do not have the necessary tools to face the situations that arise, being aware that the important thing, in the end, is to know how to resolve the conflict in a professional way and not enter at."

The door is open without distinction of gender, race, or religion, anyone can access an experience whose contributions do not have an expiration date, only the will is necessary and as established by the teacher “wanting to do and perform.” For this reason, appealing to his saying "what is not done with the heart we really cannot do it in an ideal way", these lines could be assumed as a slogan for those who want to discover in this art an option for overcoming, finding oneself and emotional evolution.

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