Skills that Stand Out Towards The Conquest of Job Opportunities

Skills that Stand Out Towards The Conquest of Job Opportunities

As an entrepreneur, Argentine Silvina Moschini has impacted the world of digital transformation in work settings.

As an entrepreneur, Argentine Silvina Moschini has impacted the world of digital transformation in work settings.

She is the founder and president of Transparent Business, an ecosystem of companies that capitalize on the cloud to connect businesses and talents. Moschini does the same at She works! An innovative platform that uses technology to bridge gender gaps.

The work scene she dreamed of found Moschini in Verona, Italy. It was precisely there that she created Transparent Business. Looking back, she mentally moved to that city to recall experiences that marked her life: “I had many people working in different parts of the world, and I needed to systematize processes to be more efficient. I learn a lot seeing what happens in the market, as well as trends, data, and the word of the clients”. From the need and moments of connection with herself, meditation, and searching for places that give her peace, her ideas emerge.

To make those ideas that never stop flowing come true, Silvina Moschini dedicates hours of effort to work every day and is committed to continuing to nurture her team made up of great professionals from all over the world: “Today my business is the first unicorn that managed to hack the bias Gender in Venture Capitalist Financing” How did she do it? Moschini has always understood that the world needs solutions, which is why the construction of this unicorn was generated to offer a platform that facilitates remote work management.

Gender inequality

Moschini's vision on the participation of men and women in labor markets is clear: “We live in a world where there is a marked inequality of opportunities. In Latin America, the labor participation gap is more than 26 percentage points. Our region is one of those with the greatest potential to insert women into the labor market.”

It is not a secret that many women remain in these times in the rear. Entrepreneurs know that there are more difficulties for women than for men “because women are considered based on evidence and not on potential, so we have to work much harder so that, by dint of demonstrating, we are better and older considerations for accessing leadership positions in different organizations.”

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Large companies seem to think twice about investing money in a project led by a woman. And that is a challenge that Silvina Moschini accepts time and time again: “We start from the assumption that there is enormous gender inequality in venture capital. Women raise only 2% of that venture capital, and what we did was hack and overcome that bias by going directly to a private offering of shares to individuals who believe that we can transform the economy by making work remote and verifiable through technology for authentication and review or audit the materiality of the work.”

Women don't have to apologize for their success

A woman like Silvina Moschini undoubtedly has a lot to teach her fellow men. For them, her advice is to dare to try it, to go out and conquer the job market. "There is nothing that women cannot do," she says. Her view of the current world is that seeing successful women who are comfortable being strong and have no reason to apologize for their achievements has to be normalized.

To support her convictions, remember that those who have best navigated in these times of pandemic have been women heads of state. The reason? Teamwork, humility, empathy, emotional intelligence, and interest in what happens to the other. Silvina assures that “inclusive leadership is the one that today is best armed to be able to succeed and have better results. And inclusive leadership has the energy of a woman.”

Wear firm studs

There is much to learn from Silvina Moschini, and she is generous with the advice that women who want to walk on a successful and entrepreneurial path should follow. This is a list of contributions that the businesswoman makes to share with women who have ideas to contribute to the world:

– Think big.

– Strengthen their minds, wear firm heels and keep the focus on overcoming old conditions, such as that women do not know how to negotiate or cannot lead companies that shake the market for their innovation and impact.

– It is important not to underestimate your opportunity.

– The main challenge faced by women is the confidence that they are capable of raising large amounts of capital: "We still ask shyly as if we are unworthy, and we often seek to raise the minimum amount necessary."

– You have to learn to find a way around the rules: "I'm not saying that we should break them but be creative, find a way, put all our ingenuity at the service of our needs and solve challenges one by one, as we do every day.”

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