Dream Jobs Are Far From Traditional Schemes

Dream Jobs Are Far From Traditional Schemes

Many advantages can come from having a YouTube channel. For this reason, many kids consider YouTube as their dream job.

Many advantages can come from having a YouTube channel. For this reason, many kids consider YouTube as their dream job.

However, not everything is as good as it seems. They can become content creators, but why is this tendency so strong among the youth?

A survey of 1000 children by the travel company First Choice shows that "75% of children ages 6 to 17 want to become YouTubers."

What is the reason? YouTubers can get famous, not necessarily on a massive scale, but even a small channel can be recognized by the niche the creator operates in. As a result, internet fame is desirable for kids who dream of a fun job.

On the other hand, kid influencers' growing popularity raises questions about the potential impact of sharing children's live online. Social media stars promote products and make money posting pictures or videos of a specific brand. The highest-paid Youtuber kid star in 2018 was 7-year-old Ryan, who earned 22 million dollars in just 12 months reviewing toys. Does everyone have the opportunity to succeed?

The reality of YouTube

There are thousands of Youtubers who are making good content consistently, but they are not getting subscribers. Growth in YouTube depends on numbers, and it's not as easy as people may think. Content creators can spend a lot of hours producing and editing their videos. It's a lot of work that is not necessarily compensated by the algorithm. A video that took content creators hours or even days to make can have few views. Anyone that wants to succeed on the platform needs to be patient and persistent.

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Not only a YouTuber

With so many social media platforms available these days like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, a successful Youtuber must be present and relevant in each of these platforms. All this work can be considered a hobby because people have fun while recording or taking pictures of themselves, but this is not always the case.

Traditional jobs left behind

Students' job preferences are changing, and some traditional job categories are losing popularity.

A kid that invests time in his favorite Youtuber may see someone young making money from playing games or eating junk food. He, also aspiring to this freedom, will consider a job without wearing a tie to have fun.

As digital natives, kids feel comfortable with screens and spending long hours on a laptop or cellphone. With social media like TikTok, many want to record themselves dancing, singing, or showing their talent. This exposure is natural for them and their parents, who smile and get entertained by looking at their screens.

Ironically, parents are the ones who expose their children from such a young age to technology. Kid's digital appetite is extended to their classrooms, where they feel more motivated if they can use a tablet or create content.

The world is changing, and for kids, it is easier to adapt to the new technologies. Although some people only see its disadvantages, the internet is not terrible if kids navigate it with responsibility, knowledge, and precaution.

Platforms like YouTube connect people worldwide and allow them to enjoy together an interest in common. It's not easy to earn all income from YouTube, but there are successful cases in which many influencers have experienced the best parts of internet fame. Kids' interest in learning how to use edition programs and talk in front of a camera can be a useful skill for the future.

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