For a Better Quality of Life, Just Laugh More

For a Better Quality of Life, Just Laugh More

A good laugh can boost your mood. But what about your physical and mental well-being? Here are six ways laughing improves your health.

A good laugh can boost your mood. But what about your physical and mental well-being? Here are six ways laughing improves your health.

Mayo Clinic is a worldwide nonprofit leader in medical care, research, and education for people from all walks of life. Here are surprising health benefits of laughter, according to the organization.

Laughter is the best medicine. It's fun, easy, and anyone can learn to do it. It's also a great way to help yourself feel better. This action seems to have far-reaching health benefits:

-It gives your heart in your lungs a great workout.

-It dilates your blood vessels.

-It can lower your blood pressure.

-It may even protect you from heart disease.

-Laughter Reduces Our Stress Hormones

-Feel-good hormone flows when you have a good giggle, and stress hormones fall.

Helps Your Muscles Relax

Laughter triggers a flood of reactions that help tense muscles unwind.

A good laughter workout between 10 to 15 minutes can burn about 50 calories. It also seems to help our immune systems.


Strengthens Your Defense Against Infection

When we laugh, we produce more antibodies that protect us from infections like colds and flu. This way, a good guffaw helps your immune system build its army of disease-fighting antibodies.

Manages Pain

Laughter can also help reduce your pain because it increases the body's production of natural painkillers called endorphins. This helps your body to release chemicals that help ease pain and increase calm.

Sparks Social Connections

A shared chuckle paves the way for new friendships, one of the keys to long life.

You've got to laugh deeply and a lot, but how do you do that? There's a ton of resources out there. You can take laughter classes. There are even yoga classes now that focus on laughter. You can also watch funny videos or hang out with a friend you love to laugh with.

Brightens Your Outlook

Even a forced laugh boosts serotonin, a brain chemical that improves mood and fights depression.

The research titled "Do Children Laugh Much More Often than Adults Do?" by Rod A. Martin shows that kids laugh 300 to 400 times a day. Not because they have some fantastic sense of humor but because they're joyful. On the other hand, adults laugh about 12 to 15 times a day so learn to take yourself less seriously. Joy in your life is there, just waiting for you to find it.

Laughing with someone is the ultimate bonding experience. Laughter makes us feel relaxed, happier, and has the power to connect us with a stranger in an instant. It is not only good for our bodies and our relationships, but above all, it's simply fun.

Iago Corsanego, Director of PositivArte, told Tu Proyecto De Vida one of the main benefits of this action: "Laughter favors other positive emotions such as joy, empathy, affection, illusion. It helps us to free the mind and accumulated tensions. It allows us to charge the batteries for what we have to do later and causes an increase in satisfaction with life."

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